Hello, wonderful friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? “How was mine”, you ask?  Do you have the time? Because this may take a while.   Well, its like this, first…  Well, actually, I’m sorry, it’s not about me, is it? How are you doing? Have you been able to make lemonade with life’s lemons? Tell me all about it; I’m listening. I am…. I promise.    

But first, or should that have been second? Please forgive me, my friends.  Lately, I’ve been slacking in responding to comments in a timely manner, and also reading and commenting on your posts.  Because the girls were at college (they’re home, yeah!), I added a few things to my schedule.  A wise friend once told me, “when you say yes to something, you are saying no to other things”; a very wise friend, indeed.  In my schedule, there are chores, events, activities and duties that must be done. No excuses! But if some things are not intentionally given the priority they deserve, unfortunately, they will fall to the wayside. Please forgive me, my schedule is quite chaotic and out of control, I absolutely feel like a fish drowning in an ocean.  Is that possible? But the visual is good, isn’t it?   I have dedicated a time frame to read, like and comment, because that’s what friends do, right? We encourage and build up each other. Thanks for understanding.  

Did I tell you this coming Friday is my birthday? No? Well, I’m sorry about that, I shall rectify that immediately. Hey friends, this coming Friday is my birthday!   Yeah!  Can you see me cheering for me? Well, I am…. Cheering for me, that is! I love birthdays. Birthdays and anniversaries (wedding) are my favorite events to celebrate.  Birthdays are a gift from God, so many people did not see their birthday, this year.  Birthdays are special and they should be celebrated.  As I get older, I get to appreciate the person the Lord is making me out to be.  

As I get older, I become more confident in God’s love for me.  As each birthday rolls around, wisdom is becoming slightly more pronounced than the year before, because of the time spent in the Word of God. Each birthday brings beauty, especially in people.  As the story of my life continue for another year, I am more assured of the Lord’s faithfulness and grace.  I know I can count on Him more today than last year.  I still struggle with self-control and impatience, but perhaps not as badly as last year.  I am learning to run to the Lord faster. I am learning to choose my battles; that not everything needs drama. I am learning to enjoy the quiet, I don’t always seek to fill every silence with noise.  I am learning to count my blessings and trust the Lord with the problems and issues, I can do nothing about anyway.  I have found that when I count my blessings, I see the steadiness of my Lord.  

Each birthday warns me to live life fully, to seize the beauty in each day given, because next year’s birthday isn’t promised. I am reminded as my birthday draws nearer that heaven is eternal, but earth and its things are temporary. I need to value even more the people the Lord has entrusted in my life.  Each year reminds me to monitor my thoughts and my feelings to ensure they are truthful.  They are prone to whisper lies to my soul in order to lead me astray. Each birthday is one to grasp, take stock, make changes in order to make a difference; in order to be different. Each year, the Lord allows me to see, tells me, “don’t be in a hurry to close doors that the Lord has opened and don’t apply pressure to closed doors in order to open them”.  Each birthday reminds me that I’m in the ‘older women’ category and I must be ready to encourage and edify the younger women coming up behind me. 

Birthdays are special I love birthdays; I think of it as a day set aside just for me. My day! One day in that year, that’s all mine.  It’s my birth-day.  It is a day of giving thanks, because this birthday came with no guarantees. It is an opportunity to look back on the past year and count my my blessings, for they are numerous. Personally, I think it’s a day from the Lord specially designed me.

How do you celebrate your birthday?   That’s why you should do it. Do it! I dare you 

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53 responses to “CELEBRATE IT, BECAUSE…”

  1. Such a refreshing post to read today.
    Birthdays make me look back to the years that have passed. Even though a birthday is an inevitable sign of me getting older, it is also a great reminder of how blessed I am to have lived another year. It gives me a chance to correct our mistakes, achieve more goals, appreciate the world’s beauty, and spend quality time with my loved ones. Birthdays should be a celebration of our being; of what we have become.

    I encourage you to continue to brighten the corner where you are and to give of your best in His service. All the very best.

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    • I could not have said it any better than just that. That’s exactly what birthdays are to do. We are to learn and grow as each birthday comes around. Love this comment ❤️❤️ Thank you 😊


  2. Happy Birthday today!!!! I too have had to designate a time to reading others blogs!! I also have Thursdays as my write and publish blog-post-day …it was getting too crazy otherwise but this helps me feel more organized!!

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  3. Happy Happy Joyous Birthday, Brenda! Welcome to the wonderful world of growing older, and I do mean that with all the wonderful stitched right in! I love your eyes focused on Christ! This is the richness of life that supercedes chronological age! Life is a life-giving, way-correcting, fruitful journey where Christ is King. I pray your special-day birthday will be soul satisfying with all good things. You encourage so many! May the Good LORD encourage you and bless you richly. And yes, your friend is VERY wise indeed. 😀

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    • Thank you so very much for this blessing… I realize I don’t fear the ‘getting older’ as much as I thought I would, when I was younger (what do young people know anyway 😂😂). May the Lord bless you


  4. Happy early Birthday!! Birthdays are absolutely wonderful things 🙂 If more people approached “aging” the way you do, I think the world would be just a bit of a happier place to be. What a wonderful way to look at each and every new year. I hope I can adopt the same outlook as the years add on 🙂 God Bless you my friend and have a wonderful Birthday! (P.S. I am sure we can all relate to not always having the time wanted/needed to respond and read other’s blogs. The important part is you do respond and care! 🙂 We will wait! 😉 )

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    • thank you so very much for patiently waiting; sometimes I think my perfectionist behavior will be the death of me 🙂 🙂 Its a beautiful day and the birds are saying hello. I think it is a fabulous day 🙂 Have a wonderful day; may the Lord bless you

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  5. Happy Birthday, Birthday Twin! I will going out with my husband on Friday to have dinner and listen to a live jazz band. Then on Saturday, we’re going to a live theater production from one of my favorite playwrights.

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  6. Happy Birthday Brenda! I love to celebrate too and make it last as long as I can. It started as a birthday week and now a birthday month – stretching the celebrations out over a longer period of time so I can enjoy the time with friends and family. A coffee date here, a lunch there, a movie, a gift, a relaxing day in the sun…. It is a beautiful thing. I pray you are beyond blessed this year on your birthday, both before and after as you celebrate the gift you are to the world. Many blessings to you! Again, Happy, Happy Birthday.

    PS.: if you are looking for another place to link to on Thursday’s I would love if you would consider joining my linkup #TuneInThursday – it opens Thursday 3 am PST and runs through Sunday night. You can find it at debbiekitterman.com/blog

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    • thank you very much for the opportunity to link up, I will certainly be there on Thursday 🙂 I absolutely love stretching out my birthday 🙂 🙂 Thank you for that blessing, I want it, I most certainly need it. Have a great day


    • Amen 🙂 so many reasons to celebrate that special day in spite of what we may be experiencing, a birthday is always good. We are supposed to have a thunderstorm on Friday, which is my birthday, but that’s fine, because I love thunderstorms


  7. If we wrote your name out with the Hebrew Letters of the aleph-bet they would be:
    B~beit, R~reish, N~nun, D~dalet
    (Hebrew is a consonantal language, so no vowels are needed)

    The Hebrew Letters do not just represent/convey sounds like they do in English. Each Hebrew Letter conveys concepts, thoughts, ideas, and meaning (both literal & spiritual), as well as sound. If that was not enough, GOD also packed them with numerical equivalencies and meaning. So, beyond a superficial literal reading of the Biblical Texts, there is so much depth of meaning. take your name and transition it into the Hebrew, in just basic terms, this is what the letters of your name represent:

    The letter beit which your name begins with is formed from the shape of the tent, tabernacle, temple. Beit is a dwelling place or house/household. It represents the House of God and your physical home. The 1st time the letter beit ever appears in scripture it appears in Gen 1:1, in the word, bara (created), …In the beginning GOD created….

    The letter reish, is shaped like a small r in English, only it faces in the opposite direction. The reish stands for a person, headship, First, highest. In ancient Hebrew the letter reish conveyed the concept of what is most important?, what is highest?

    The letter nun- is shaped like a spermatozoa, a fish darting through water. It represents servanthood, faithfulness, movement, life.

    The dalet, (4th letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet) represents a path or way of life. The dalet has the shape of an open doorway. Dalet is a door; our choice to open ourselves up to GOD and possibilities or remain closed off and alienated.
    The letter dalet, symbolizes the door.

    Reflect on the letters of your name today. cONTEMPLATE EVERY PROPHETIC BLESSING EMBEDDED IN YOUR NAME. This is the day you were born. This is the memorial day, of the day GOD sent you into. We each enjoy our birthdays so much because this is the day, when all of Heaven celebrated your birth, your arrival. Its a spiritual thing we all connect to, even without really knowing why. We just know, it “ought to be” important, even if no one acknowledges someone’s birthday, Heaven is open over YOUR DAY and that same anointing of the miralce of your birth is open again, for you to tap into.

    P.S. In spiritual tersm of the letters, Brenda begins with the blessings of creation, your name begins with the tabernacle. Your blessings are like that of the first born, for headship, leadership. reish is a destination place of spiritual maturity, that can be accessed through servanthood, Faithfulness, constantly moving, pressing toward the mark… which is the door (dalet).

    “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” John 10:9

    Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

    You have always been headed toward the door, BRENDA
    Every time, anyone calls your name out loud, they are calling forth your destiny, calling forth your spiritual strengths and attributes. Calling forth who GOD created you to be! We are all agreeing with Heaven about you! Our Names are so prophetic.

    Even if the enemy thinks to curse you, he has to call you by name, right?
    Your name begins with Blessing…
    And you just can’t curse what GOD has blessed!

    Amen. Amen. Amen.


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    • I absolutely appreciate this comment 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to detail the breakdown of my name. Thank you for letting me know what my name begins with; this made my day. Thank you 🙂 may the Lord truly bless you


  8. I enjoy reading your blog each time. I think we would be good friends if I was around you. It is so fulfilling being an encourager and being encouraged.

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  9. I love you how enthusiastically embrace your birthdays!! Enjoy to the fullest, my dear. 😊
    And, this: “I have dedicated a time frame to read, like and comment, because that’s what friends do, right? We encourage and build up each other. Thanks for understanding.” That is what friends do, indeed. I look forward to making time for you.

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    • thank you, my friend. I do enjoy reading other blogs, I get to share in the highs and lows and in what the Lord is laying on their hearts. And really anything less is is a form of self-centeredness on my part. Have a great day, May the Lord be with you

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  10. Happy Birthday (early!) I just know you’ll have a wonderful celebration. I love the comment your friend made. When you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else.
    I needed to hear that (read that) this morning and get back on track with my own priorities! 🙂

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  11. Happy, happy birthday my friend!! I love celebrating birthday’s and wedding anniversaries as well!!
    May God bless you on your special day, and everyday!! Enjoy the summer with your girl’s being home!! 🙌☺

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    • yes! theses are my favorite occasions to celebrate and I am most certainly looking forward to mine in a few days. 🙂 May the Lord bless you, my friend. How are you, what’s the weather like in the Northeast?


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