Hey there friends, how are you doing this fine May morning? Not even the rain will damper my good mood this morning. Although, I’m usually a morning person so my moods are fine, but today is an extra good day.  Why? Well, glad you ask.  May is a fantastic month and I have several reasons to prove that. May has the best temperatures, not too hot, not too cold; well there was that time, it SNOWED on Mothers’ Day, (really?) but we will not hold that against May, usually the temperatures are just perfect. The girls come home from college, for summer in May, in fact today is their last day, we are on our way to Ohio. Fantastic! May is also the month I began this blog, three years ago.  Thank You Lord!  May is Mothers’ Day and the Lord has blessed me with the best and my favorite mom is the world (of course I only have one, but who’s counting). She is definitely a keeper.  

And then drum roll please…. it’s my birthday month! Wowza!

Plus, it’s the birthday of our first born and my youngest sister and a cousin and a nephew and I think there is an aunt in there too and the list goes on and on. For these reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that May is a fantastic month. I hesitate on saying the best month, but it’s very, very close.   And now I need you to help me celebrate this wonderful month, although I’m not sure how we’re going to do that yet.  But I will think of something, or even better share your favorites with me.  What shall we do to celebrate? Shall we…

4th of July nature walks

Shall we go for walks together? Perhaps take a few photographs along our journey.  

Shall we plant a kitchen garden? I think that sounds like fun

Perhaps a manicure and pedicure by a professional is in order?

last pedicure 2 years ago

How about we go shopping? Thrift shopping; we have to save money for the manicure and pedicure.

I think going for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory sounds wonderful

the best cheesecake in the world is from Cheesecake Factory

Perhaps we should take a trip to NYC and maybe take more photographs, while we’re there.

skyline of NYC

Shall we put those listening skills to practice? Perhaps listen to the kids, hear their heartbeat, what they’re not saying…

Perhaps a Giveaway of my favorite things might be nice? 

Shall we share the many, many, many blessings from the Lord? That sounds like a plan

Maybe I should threaten the kids into writing a post? Yep, it might take some cajoling, but I think it may be possible.  

my babies

How do you celebrate your birthday? And you should, because birthdays are a gift from the Lord, cherish each year.  I love to reflect and take stock of my life; re-evaluate my walk with the Lord, because this sets the precedence for every other relationship.  What other occasions do you celebrate? 

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