Hey friends, how are you doing? How was your weekend? Did you enjoy your Easter weekend? I had a wonderful time, praise the Lord.  Today is going to be a fabulous day, I already know it.  Because having a great day, depends on me.  I can’t control my circumstances (I’ve tried, it doesn’t work), I can’t control the people in my life (I’ve tried, it doesn’t work it) but I can control my – self.  I can determine to have a good day today because I’m alive, some people didn’t get that today.  

I can have a good day because we’re going to enjoy a wonderful 77°, someone out there has a temperature of barely 50°. I can choose to have a wonderful day, in spite of the thunderstorms that may come with this day, both literally and figuratively because I will count my blessings. But before the thunderstorm comes sunshine and after the thunderstorm or perhaps due to it; the sunshine looks and feels even more amazing.  There is food on my table (even though I have to cook it) and I have a plethora of clothes to choose from, in my closet. What are your blessings today? 

In our class at Sunday school, we talked about the fact that we are always in the Lord’s care.  Isn’t that good news? He sees you; I mean really, really sees you.  Not as part of a whole, but as an individual; as a singular person.  Wherever you are; in whatever state you maybe in, He has His eyes on you.  And even more than that, He knows you, He calls you out by name. He thinks about you constantly, as a matter of fact, if you were to put all the sands of the earth together and then count each grain, it still would not add up to the number of times, you’re thought of, by the Lord.  You’re in good hands, friends, because you are always in His care, whether you brought your circumstances upon yourself or whether they were divinely sent your way.   You’ve not been abandoned; you’ve not been left alone.  You’re in His care! 

It makes a difference, when we know WHO has you in His care. It makes a difference, when you remember that He is not a man, like you and me.  The qualities that make Him capable of keeping us is far more superior than ours. We sometimes, make promises that we can’t always keep.  People are not always there when we need them.  They become impatient and sometimes frustrated with us, especially after we’ve gone to them a few times.  

But not our Heavenly Father. He never gets impatient; He is always tender-hearted.  He gently calls out to us; He whispers in our ear assurances of His love.  He freely offers unlimited forgiveness and peace.  He desires that we should have hope, for He understands that without hope, we could not endure the hardships.  

He extends long lasting joy through a right relationship with Himself.  Everything He offers is eternal.  Although we can make the most use of it today, it extends beyond this earthly life. Find solace, friends.  We put ourselves in bondage when we worry, but there is liberty when we cast all our cares upon our Lord.  Rest in the arms of the Almighty God today.  Talk to Him, read His Word, spend time with Him; He is waiting for you.