Hello friends, how are you today? How was your week? Did you spend time with the Lord, every day, this week? What are you reading? Right now, I am toggling between Ezekiel and Proverbs 31.  Sometimes I forget the standard the Lord has called me to, and Proverbs 31 reminds me that the Lord has not lowered the bar. This week has been absolutely glorious.  The weather has been in the 50°s and low 60°s every day this week, with bright beautiful sunshine, every day except Monday. Isn’t our Lord amazing? I went running three times this week and a friend and I are weight training, two days each week. Jazz has been a nightmare though, almost demanding in her right to be outside.  I’ve had to remind her on more than one occasion, she is an indoor cat; she is only allowed outdoors, when her human owners go outside; which to her defense isn’t very often.  But we did leave the windows open, in that way she can enjoy the outdoors without really being outside.  It’s all the same, right? 

Jazz the cat

Have you ever thought about it? Are you worth it? I know instinctively you want to say ‘yes’, but are you really? Am I? Sometimes I wonder… it’s so easy to enjoy salvation while forgetting the cost.  I watched a clip of the ‘Passion of the Christ’, just the crucifixion bit, and while watching, I could not help but ask the Lord that question.  Was I worth it, Lord? Forget the ‘whole world’ (John 3:16) was I; ME; was I worth it? Sometimes, I don’t know…

I don’t know if I’m worth the betrayal of a friend.

I don’t know if I’m worth the denial of another.

Am I worth the jeering and shaming of the crowd?

Am I worth it? Are you?

I don’t know if I’m worth the ‘guilty’ verdict passed by the very people, who came for healing and to be fed.

I just don’t know…

Am I worth the load of the cross on a back that is already bruised and battered from an undeserved and unprovoked beating?

Am I worth the indignity of the mockery of the solders?

Am I worth it? Are you? 

I just don’t know…

Am the worth the nails?

Am I worth the horror of the cross? 

Did I deserve the death of this MAN?

Am I? Are you? We don’t deserve it, but I’m so glad He thought we were worth it. Let’s choose to live life abundantly, for the cost of our salvation came with too great a price.

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41 responses to “AM I WORTH IT?”

  1. Hello Brenda,
    I, Elfriede, from the husband wife team (Mike is the author and I do all the rest with website, social media etc) am so glad you found our blog so that I could get connected to yours. Really like your post “Am I worth it?”. You are right that I have asked myself this question and still cannot wrap my head around how much HE loves me/us to go through all the shame, torture, crucifixion and rejection. Thank you for sharing. Blessings in Him, Elfriede

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  2. Hmm deep post & message indeed. I often ask myself similar questions. It puts me in a place to take the free of salvation more seriously. God paid the full price that no one not even my self could have paid to be set free from sin, hell & death. I’m nothing without Him. Thank you Lord for seeing your daughter worthy of dying for. Amen! Blessings & grace to you. 🙂

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  3. God the Father and Jesus Christ our Savior demonstrated their love for us “while we were still sinners” (Rom. 5:8)–not worthy! Who would ever think of the idea of being friends with the Son of God who created everything, yet Jesus calls us “friends” (John 15:15). Too often we act like dumb sheep yet the Great Shepherd laid down His life for us! (John 10:15). I never gave a thought to “Am I worth it?” regarding my human father and mother, and I don’t feel the need to ask it when it comes to my heavenly Father and older Brother any more than I would expect my four kids to ask themselves that question. Yes, they are worth it to this Dad!

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  4. Good post! We definitely aren’t deserving of the sacrifice Jesis made so that we could enter heaven – just look at us! I am so thankful that our God determined that we are WORTH saving! We have to remember (I have to remember!!) that my WORTH is determined by HIM, not this world! We don’t deserve saving, but we are WORTH saving, AMEN!

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  5. Great thought – am I worthy? And, of course, the answer is no – except that He loves me so He has made me worthy. I think if we have been a Christian very long, we can easily forget the terrible price He paid. I pray that I will never take His sacrifice for granted. Happy Resurrection Day!

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  6. I’ve had very similar thoughts. I’ve been studying the gospels this week, mostly Matthew and Luke. As Jesus instituted a new covenant with his apostles he reminded them to “keep doing this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19,20). As the bread and wine were passed, I’m reminded of his sacrifice and Jehovah God’s underserved kindness. I’m grateful, humbled and moved to put Jehovah first in my life. He offered up the best and what was most precious. Shouldn’t I do the same?

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  7. We are not worthy of it, we were not worth the sacrifice but that’s why he came because we NEEDED it! He loved us beyond anything we can know. We do not deserve it on a daily basis but we have it. Amen!

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  8. I sometimes ponder on that question the psalmist asked when he said, “What am I am that you are mindful of me.” For I am nothing but dust… But in Isaiah 54:9, in His words, God tells us through Isaiah that “With everlasting love, I will have compassion on you says the LORD, your Redeemer.” Isaiah is telling us that we are worth it to God. Don’t you go saying am not worth it when the cross shows how impossibly valuable you are to the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit. It’s incredible, but it’s true! Only the Lord Jesus knows the value of your soul and that is why he asks (in Mark 8:36) this question of every single human being, “What shall profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?”

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  9. I have had the same thoughts. I also think about the difference between worthy as in deserving of Jesus’s sacrifice which I am not. Worth it is in the mind and heart of the person giving or providing. So while I am not worthy of Jesus’s sacrifice, for some reason I cannot understand out of his love for us, to him we are worth it.

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  10. I know that it does not answer your question, but I am meditating on the effective delivery of the Word of God no matter which Scripture I study. So just an hour and a half away from delivering a Good Friday message, as I refer to the Friday of two thousand years ago, I am asking, “Was it really a good Friday or a bad Friday?” And does God indicate His opinion about that Friday anywhere in His Word. Have a Great Friday.

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  11. This is exactly what I was talking to God about last night. But to me, it was more like I was attempting to validate my worth but what I have accomplished. He had to remind me that his love for me and my identity had nothing to do with me getting funded for grad school.

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