Hey friends, how are you feeling today? Sometimes, (and I have said it before) our feelings are not always honest with us, but our feelings are ours.  We know how we feel and of course there are times, when we allow those feelings to determine our actions.  Today, my heart is filled with gladness because the sun is out, and our temperature will rise into the 50°s.  Yesterday was a rainy, windy and cold day, I was still happy though, I even went running outside.  And at the end of that day, the Lord sent the most beautiful sunset, I had ever seen (well maybe, I’ve seen other nice sunsets, but this was a good one).  It looked like the trees were on fire, it was stunning.  I do believe we should always analyze our extreme emotions; why do I feel this way; is it coming from a good place? Surrender those feelings to the Lord.  He will not leave you there. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that feelings can’t always be trusted and because of that, feelings should not direct my actions.  


What if Jesus had allowed His feelings to direct His actions? He had a ‘right’ to His feelings, didn’t He? The Bible tells us, He was sorrowful and deeply distressed.  I have been sorrowful and distressed, (yet I will never comprehend the breadth and depth of His emotions) it took the Lord almost a year of consistently working on me to get me back on the right path.  The Lord Jesus Christ allowed Himself to feel; but He did not allow these feelings control.  He surrendered His emotions to His Father; He allowed His Father to determine His course of actions.  Oh, to be like thee, Lord! 


Most times, my extreme emotions arise as a result of unexpected and unknown (to me) situations, like that time, I lost (lost; such a ridiculous word) our baby.  But can you imagine what it would have been like to ‘know’? To know what’s coming next. To know your friend will betray you. To know your friend will deny you. Sometimes, knowledge isn’t a blessing is it? It’s like double the pain, I think.  It’s like a parent knowing that the path their child has taken will lead to destruction, although you’ve spoken, they keep going.  Knowing the end result does not make it any easier, when that child eventually does fall.  Our emotions are not be discarded, but they are not to be given authority over us either. We accept those emotions; we mourn, we grieve, we laugh, they have their place.  But we remember the cross, we remember the love of the One, Who, in spite of His feelings, endured the cross for us.  He knew we would bring Him pain and shame, yet still He took that cross anyway. Because of that, I know that I can acknowledge my feelings, and I can surrender them to the One, Who bore that cross, for my sake.  Do I have the right to do any less? 


How are you feeling today?

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41 Thoughts

  1. Great post Brenda! As C.S. Lewis once wrote over the loss of his wife, “Feelings and feelings and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.” Boy can I relate. And you’re absolutely right, feelings can’t be trusted!


  2. What a beautiful reflection! I was just praying on the hard work of surrendering my emotions this morning. It’s so hard to surrender, even knowing that in the past God has worked all things for my good. Thank you so much for your words.

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    1. Praise the Lord, to our great God be all the glory 🙂 It is very difficult going against what comes naturally to us 🙂 It is instinctive to allow our emotions to dictate our actions (that’s why I have to apologize so often :)) But keeping our eyes on the Lord and in His Word helps in surrendering at a faster pace


  3. Amen! How many times do I let my emotions rule me? More than I would like to admit. Thank you for the reminder to hand those overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and emotions over to the Lord. God Bless my friend!

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  4. It is such a comfort for me to know that Jesus is our sympathetic high priest because he endured pain, rejection etc in this life. He knew what was coming and he followed through anyway.

    I can’t imagine knowing beforehand some of the things I have been through. I am glad I didn’t/

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  5. Such wise words and counsel! This: ” I do believe we should always analyze our extreme emotions; why do I feel this way; is it coming from a good place? Surrender those feelings to the Lord. He will not leave you there. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that feelings can’t always be trusted and because of that, feelings should not direct my actions.”
    Our feelings are so powerful; you present excellent avenues of dealing correctly with them.

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  6. Yes, three times our Savior conquered is let’s-not-do-this emotions and stuck to the plan He and the Father had formed and enacted since before the world began. He conquered His final test by saying and acting: not my will be done but yours! That is our test as well.

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  7. Brenda, beautiful post! Just knowing Jesus experienced the same emotions but far more deeply is a comfort. Knowing He gets it when no one else does; He understands when we are sad, hurt, rejected, and afraid. He is our Hope and strength. Such a wonderful beautiful thought dear one. Oh, and I saw the most gorgeous fiery orange sunrise today!!! God bless you always my friend!!💖

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