Hey friends, how are you today? It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in my neck of the woods. Presently I am outside, enjoying the sunshine in this day.  The birds are also rejoicing in the day, they are reminding their friends and family that the Father has already catered for their needs; they have no need to worry. 

Matthew 6:26,27

Can you see how wonderfully they are clothed? Did I already tell you I saw a woodpecker this morning? It was a Red- Headed woodpecker; she didn’t seem at all desperate and worried, she knew she would eat; she knows she will be fine.  Will you be fine? How are you doing?

April Favorites


I have been reading the book of Ezekiel along with Proverbs 31. I am on chapter sixteen of Ezekiel. Although every book of the Bible is truly fascinating, Ezekiel is a tad challenging and has slowed me down a bit.  So far, in this book, the Lord has been talking to the prophet and has allowed him to experience several visions.  The Lord is angry with Israel and He is listing the sins of the Israelites. Primarily the Israelites has forsaken the True God and His precepts.   They forsook the God of the Universe and then replaced Him with the gods of the people around them; gods made by hands.  As a result, the Israelites committed several crimes against God, by forsaking His laws and against each other. They even sacrificed their own children to these gods.  There is more, but I will share these later.  Have you read the book of Ezekiel? What did you think? 


Beauty Favorites

In this post,I told you of my love for these two products.  Guess what? I’m still loving it, four months later.  Although it has a thick consistency, it feels very light. 

Clinque Beyond perfecting CC cream

Clinique says it’s a CC cream; it provides both the Color and the Corrector needed for this time of the year without drying out my face.  The brush is the perfect tool to apply this foundation.  The two are a match made in heaven.

Tarte Foundation Brush

To read more about these products, check out this post.  Here are a few links for these products.  Amazon brush. Amazon foundationSephora brush.  Sephora foundation

Mac Lipsticks

Mac lipsticks are my loves, but these two are part of my favorites. This month I found myself reaching for these pinks.  Aren’t they fabulous?

MAC Flat Out Fabulous
MAC Flat Out Fabulous

The matte is called Flat Out Fabulous and it truly is fabulous. It stays on for almost the entire day and it does not transfer, which is ‘fabulous’. 

MAC Girl About Town

 Girl About Town is similar in color but is creamy and feels great on the lips.  I usually apply a lip balm before lipstick, so matte or creamy feels all the same but looks amazingly different.

MAC Girl About Town

You can find these here and here on Amazon.  


Fashion Favorites

This Coach Margot handbag was a valentine’s gift from my sweet, wonderful, amazing, generous husband. 

Coach Margot Carryall Handbag

It is a few years old but looks as good as new.  I love the color and the structure is perfect, I prefer structured handbags with a top handle and this one fits the bill. I love the color, (have I said that already?) the blue is stunning and goes with everything in my wardrobe; most of my clothes are neutral, so my handbags fulfill the desire for color in my life. I am from the Caribbean; color is in my blood. 

Coach Margot Handbag

I think the ribbon is a nice touch, I enjoy jazzing up my accessories.  Everything fits in this bag including my iPad, makeup bag; every single thing we, ladies, absolutely cannot do without, even though we never reach for it.  Found one similar on Amazon, here. Also on Ebay here. Who knew Walmart sold Coach and didn’t tell me? Well, I found a similar handbag here.

Replay Shoes

These shoes are a ‘new to me’ pair I picked up at the thrift store.  It had never been worn and is absolutely comfortable; I think it’s the block heels. I usually prefer stilettos, but these were cute; I had to have them.  Although they are a bit high, the stacked corked-style heels along with a platform says, ‘let’s run’.  These are a pair of Replay shoes.

Replay Shoes

Of course, I don’t, but if have to, I most certainly can with these beautiful pair of shoes.  It’s a minimal pair and the denim color is stunning. Perfect in every way, don’t neglect your local thrift stores, there are goodies just waiting for you, they have your name on them.  You can find a similar pair here.  

The beauty of submission to the Word of God radiates from the inside, out! Neglect this beauty and everything pales in comparison.  Although one does not have to go without the another (Inner and Outer beauty), if it comes down to a choice, let us choose the more profitable.  


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