Hey there friends, how are you doing?  How was your week? Just maybe you know by now, I absolutely love spring.  Sunday’s snow storm brought about five inches of snow, not much when compared to winter’s actual snow storms.  But the beauty of spring time signifies beautiful sunlight, even at 37° the snow starts the melting process.  Yep! I love spring, I can even handle the occasional snow squalls, because it’s spring. Winter is really fighting a losing battle, isn’t it? She may try to hang on for dear life, but eventually she must give way to spring.  Winter must be a ‘she’ I think.  Think about it… we are absolutely beautiful; stunning really.  We are soft, but we can sometimes be fickle, lead by our emotions, which can cause us to either be gentle or harsh.  We, sometimes, outstay our welcome; we ensure we are not easily forgotten. But eventually we will give in gracefully.  Yep! Winter is a ‘she’. What do you think? Is winter a ‘she’ or ‘he’?

Do you believe there is a God? Do you believe He is all powerful? Do you believe He cares for you? Do you believe He loves you, unconditionally, unwaveringly and unfailingly? Do you trust Him? Do you believe that? Really… do you undoubtedly, unquestionably, surely believe that? What’s your instinctive reaction when troubles and trials come your way? Do you immediately, with open hands, surrender them and the final outcome to the Lord?

I think if we are honest with ourselves, the answer would probably be ‘no’. It’s not that I don’t want to, but trusting the Lord takes time. Yes, I believe unequivocally that my God does exist.  I believe that He is all powerful, but sometimes, although I don’t always realize this at the time, I don’t always believe He cares for me, nor do I believe He loves me, and He wants the best for me.  I love this verse in Psalms 73:2

 Did you know that Sarah, Abraham’s wife, and let’s not forget Moses, and who could forget Thomas, also had difficulty in totally trusting the Lord? Sometimes it’s refreshing to know that my struggle isn’t a new thing.  I grapple with the fact that my time isn’t always God’s time.  I struggle when I pray for something and years later, I am still praying for that very request.  Yes, I’ve seen the faithfulness of my great God throughout the years, but sometimes when a new trial rises as a result of this request, my instinctive reaction is to doubt His care.  It is so hard to trust in the silence. It is so difficult to believe in the silence. Sometimes the desire to hold firm, to keep the faith is nowhere to be found. Instinctively I find myself securing my heart to keep me from the pain of unanswered prayer.  I question His love and care.  “If He cares”, I wonder, “why hasn’t He answered this prayer?”  Unanswered prayers can lead to frustrations and even anger at times.  It can also lead to depression and anxiety.  Does God not care? Does He not realize how desperately we want this? How important it is to us? Have you ever asked these questions? Perhaps for this wayward child? Or is it for the salvation of a spouse or dear friend? What should our response be when God is silent?

There is nothing more detrimental to a Christian when he gives up on God.  Yet there are so many, who wonder into this forlorn space.  Can I share a secret with you? This happens when what I desire is greater than my desire for God Himself.  When this ‘thing’ supersedes God and moves to the first place in my heart, then unanswered prayer becomes the ultimate crushing blow.

There is also another response to unanswered prayer; apathy. In order to protect ourselves from the pain, we detach, we determine to feel nothing, to be indifferent.  Prayer becomes, “well You are going to do what You want anyway…”.  Prayer is surface and unintentional.  I know, I’ve been there.  I must admit, I am not the perfect Christian. I suppose that’s why I can tell you today of my Heavenly Father’s faithfulness.

If you are there, don’t stay there, friend.  Surrender that desire to the Lord, give it to Him.  Let Him keep that request safe.  Don’t place a time limit, trust Him and believe Him for the best outcome. Believe that whatever His plans are for you, they are great and wonderful.  Trust Him with that child, spouse, job, finance, health.  Trust Him more…

How do you respond to answered prayer? 

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