Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? What are some activities completed or events you attended this week? Are you living life abundantly? We are told in John that Christ came to give us life abundantly.  That’s definitely a reason to give Him all the praise.  I have found that the best way to live life abundantly is to be thankful. There is something about thankfulness that frees us to see the possibilities even in unexpected and unwanted situations. Gratefulness allows us to see beyond what’s visible and realize the greatness and power of the the God of the Universe.

My week was very busy, so I ensured I made time to spend with my Lord.  I had to; I’m not a very nice person, when holiness is not my ultimate goal.  I also wrote in my journal almost everyday this week, I missed one day, and I exercised; praise the Lord! I listened to my birds and heard a few unusual and unknown chirps, probably from visiting birds on their way to their ultimate destination.  They just stopped to say hi, to perhaps rejuvenate and fellowship with others like them; like them but still uniquely different.  Isn’t our God absolutely amazing in His creation?   He supplies the similarities and the differences and gives us uniqueness and beauty.  Wow! We still have no flowers in our neck of the woods, but the temperatures have been fantastic.

The Lord has blessed me with quite a few friends throughout my life.  As a matter of fact, the relationships with most of childhoods friends have been maintained, thanks to social media.  I thank the Lord for the friendships, I’ve made here also.  Sometimes I’m amazed at the depth of the friendships, I’ve been able to cultivate. I want to share a few of my friends with you; they motivate me, they encourage me, they spur me to good works. I thank God for them, truly may the Lord pour out His precious blessings on them.  For this post, I am sharing with you, the bloggers who have commented on almost every post. Thank you, my friends, ummm, I don’t know everyone’s actual name unfortunately, but that doesn’t make us any less friends, right?

 Vivian from God’s whispers of truth seeks to to write to give hope, encouragement, and share the Lord with others.  The love of the Lord is very evident throughout her posts.  Just click the link and follow her blog, you will not regret it.  

alimw2013 from For His Purpose; her blog’s name says it all.  She is a natural encourager, I think. She also shares her beautiful babies and tidbits of her life, helping us to understand that Lord defines the people, we need to become.  

Then there’s Kathy Wire of Maggie Tiggles who encourages me to spend time with the Lord.  She brings the Word of God to life and makes the everyday application of it, rather simple.  

Roses at Dawn of roses at dawn makes me wish I lived closer to her. I would so love to hold her hopefully soon (girl, I feel you) to be born, baby.  Congratulations again, my friend.  She writes about family, faith, life and love. She encourages me to trust the Lord, in spite of the circumstances. 

Lastly today, there is Matt from Jesusluvsall. He encourages me to see the goodness of God through all the beauty and pain, this world offers. He teaches ESL to foreign students in spite of the pain he endures from his physical limitations.

There are so many others that I have every intention of getting to, in the very near future. Thank you for being my friend, I appreciate you.  How about you? In the comment section share the link to your latest post and also share one of your favorite blogger friends. I would love to meet them. 

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36 responses to “MEET MY FRIENDS…”

  1. I wish we lived closer too! 🙂 Can I just tell you how much YOUR blog has meant to me? Really, honestly, I always feel so uplifted whenever I read one of your posts. I am so honored to be mentioned on your blog. And we are still waiting, lol! Come on baby! An update if you like 😉 we went to the hospital yesterday for a non-stress test and ultrasound. Baby is doing well (nice and healthy!) and is just biding his or her time….we are perhaps not quite as far along as originally thought…so we are trying to be patient….trying being the key word here! Any day now…that’s what I keep telling myself while trying not to drive everyone else around me crazy, lol! Have a wonderful day, my friend! God Bless!

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  2. Brenda, thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog!! That actually made me tear up a bit😢❤️
    I admire and enjoy reading your posts so much so it means a lot having you take notice or appreciation of mine! Praise to God that we can use even the internet for His purpose when there’s unfortunately so many who abuse it…praying we can reach those who are lost and that God would be glorified through our words as He uses us!!!

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  3. “Gratefulness allows us to see beyond what’s visible and realize the greatness and power of the God of the Universe.” That’s a great thought and ties in with “Faith is … the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). We won’t have much faith without thankfulness to our Great God. “Give God the glory due His name” (Psa. 29:2) is one command we just can’t fully do! But we gratefully try!!

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  4. This was a great post!

    My recent post is a highlight of #nationalpoetry month:

    One of my favorite bloggers is Doctor Kanayo from the UK, featured on her website recently too, speaks on psychology and faith!

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  5. Your thought: “Gratefulness allows us to see beyond what’s visible and realize the greatness and power of the the God of the Universe.” Wow, what a juicy tidbit for me to chew on for a while! If we are obedient, we are to be grateful; you’ve shed light on a whole new aspect of the blessings of obedience in that area alone.
    Brenda, I am so grateful to be friends with you! You enrich me, challenge me, and encourage me, and you shine brightly with God’s light. Thank you.

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  6. Awww, dear Brenda!! Your blog and friendship mean so much to me!! You are so sweet to mention mine and I praise God for you, your faith, and writing! I am thrilled to journey along with you dear sister!! What a blessing!! ❤❤

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