Hello friends, how are you today? How was your week? Can you believe we are just about seven days away from Christmas? Can you believe we are thirteen days away from a brand, spanking, new year? Wow! 2018 is surely and inevitably on its way out. How was your 2018? Was it a great year? Or perhaps it was quite a distressing year? Did you see the faithfulness of our God? It can be hard to see and understand when our prayers seem to go unanswered and our circumstances overwhelm our senses. I suppose, in retrospect, what we know to be true about God, must take precedence over our emotions. We know that we are loved by a Great and Mighty God (John 3:16); we know that He always works everything out for our good (Romans 8:28), even the ugly. We know, we serve the Creator of the Universe, we know He knows us intimately and He cares about even our tiniest concerns (Psalm 139). How are you doing?
I have read the Christmas Story numerous times, but last year, while reading the Gospel of Luke, one verse, in particular, caught my attention. It does not cease to amaze me, every time that happens. I don’t think we can ever exhaust the reading of the Bible; there is always something new to be revealed. How does God do that? Amazing! Anyway, I digress, back to the point. This verse in Luke 1 is so humbling. I stand in awe of this ‘girl’ – woman. Okay, we know the story, most of us can perhaps recite the Christmas story from memory, which is a good thing, but have you ever thought about the beauty behind these words? Luke 1 38
Mary had just been told that she had been chosen to bear the Savior of the world; the One, Who would bridge the gap between God and mankind. Of course, if it were me, it would be nice to say that I would hasten to claim such an honor; after all, this role involves the mothering of the Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9 6What would you have done, if you were asked to bear the Christ? Would you have been quick to say yes? I’m sure, some may say ‘yes, of course’. But a great indication of our response to such a beautiful request would be to monitor our obedience to the Word of God today. Are you quick to obey the Word of God? Or perhaps, you are like me, we hesitate and question. Perhaps we want all the reasons why we should obey first, before we respond in the affirmative. Maybe we even compromise; we obey what we want and discard the rest, because you know, the Bible was written by man after all (II Timothy 3:16,17 are great verses to look up, regarding that statement), or because everyone is doing it, so it must be okay. How many of us would actually have said ‘let it be to me, according to Thy Word”? We have been called to immediate obedience, haven’t we? Jn 14 15
I wonder why Mary was chosen in the first place. I’m sure she was not the only young woman to know and love God in that time. I’m sure there were other women, who prayed and read their ‘bible’. They loved God too. I think Mary was singled out because of her devotion to the Lord. We see that in her response. There was no hesitation to her obedience, in spite of the fact, that she may have lost Joseph; her soon to be husband. She said ‘yes, Lord’ in spite of what people would say about her. She said ‘yes, Lord, without regard to the consequences. Although she may have had some trepidation, (she is human, after all) she chose to trust the God of the Universe. Prov 31 29
We serve that same God of the Universe. He is the same God, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He has work for us to do too; as long as there is breath in our lungs, He isn’t done with us. What shall we say, when He calls us? Shall we say yes? How are we doing now, with regards to our obedience of His Word? That’s a clear indication of first, whether we will ever to be chosen and secondly, an inkling of whether we will say ‘yes, Lord’ when we’re called. proverbs-3
Like Mary, I want to hasten to obey the Word of God. I want to trust the Lord enough to do His bidding without delay. I want my life to be ordered by the God of the Universe. I want to say like Mary: Luke 1 38closing1brenda

24 responses to “IF I WERE SHE, I WOULD…”

  1. Yes, I relate to this, too: “Or perhaps, you are like me, we hesitate and question. Perhaps we want all the reasons why we should obey first, before we respond in the affirmative.” I like to know why. But we rarely get all those answers. So what’s left? Back to where we started: obedience. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Brenda, Mary’s devotion is inspiring and I hope I will respond with such trust when His ask of me is to “forgive,” “apologize,” or “ask how you can help” when I’m already tired. My guess is, Mary did all that long before He sent the angel.

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  3. Great post Brenda! I would probably freak out! This is often my response when I know God is calling me to do something. My comfort zone is upset and I initially freak right out. Then I remember okay I’m not doing this alone and even if it doesn’t go the way I hope it will go I still did what God asked. It definitely doesn’t always go the way I’d like it to go… but at the same time I’m still standing and I did survive. 🙂

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