Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Enjoy this first day of winter friends, and what an absolutely fantastic day it is too, in my neck of the woods. Today’s temperature is going to be a whooping 56°; it’s a heat wave! I know to a few of you, 56° sounds cold, but around here, the barbecue grills come out to play. During the summer, 56° can be very disappointing, but that same temperature, during the winter is a welcome respite.  What is it about our human nature that makes it so very difficult to accept the things we have no control over?  That’s it, isn’t it? We have no control over these circumstances. I am so sure there is a perfectly good reason for this; maybe, just maybe, the Lord wants us to trust Him.   walk into 2019These memes have been very popular, lately, in the online world.  Many people can’t wait for 2019. During a recent conversation, my friend talked about her desire to shed the stress brought about by the trials and tribulations of 2017. She could not wait for 2018, because she was convinced that her circumstances could not get any worse, it just had to get better.  James 1 2 How many of us had an anxious and stressful 2018? Perhaps brought about because of the kids, house, marriage, finance or health?   How many can’t wait for 2019, expectantly believing that everything is going to be different. After all, a different year should equate a better year, right? This has to be the year for that job, or wealth, or spouse, or house, or kids, or successful career/blog or better health or weight.  This year just has to be it!  

But what if it’s not? What if you receive none of these things? What happens now? Will 2019 also be a year filled with anxiety and stress?  Romans 8 18This past year was even worse for my friend.  Her 2018 year was filled with work, family and health tribulations which caused even more stress and anxiousness. For a minute there, she forgot something very important. John 10 10 For just a minute, she forgot that a good year does not depend on outside circumstances.  Of course they can certainly help, but they do not control whether or not I have a good year; or rather they should not.  Outside circumstances really, really should not influence our joy and peace, primarily because our hope and peace and joy should not come from these things.  In the scheme of things, we really don’t have as much control as we think we do. I Thess 5 17 We pray and seek a Great and Mighty God.  We earnestly beseech the God of the Universe, Who loves us unconditionally and unwaveringly. We lay our desires at His Feet and rest assuredly that He will give us His best. God’s very best for us is ours, when we surrender what we hold most precious to Him.  Believe it, our treasures, our hopes and dreams are safe in His Hands.  We can trust Him with it.  He loves us like that.  I Thess 5 18 Let’s walk into 2019, (in fact, how about we take a stroll instead?) believing that our Great and Mighty and Powerful God of the Universe loves us enough to be in the trials with us.  Let’s not mistakenly believe that 2019 will be a year free of trials and difficulties.  But rather, let’s rest assured that He knows our names and everything else, including our thoughts and the numbers of strands of hair on our heads.  Let’s determine that 2019 will indeed be our year, but only because we will rely on the truths of the Word of God and stand firmly on its principles.closing1brenda