Hello friends, how was your week? How are you, today?   Just today… how are you doing? Today is a good day to take stock of God’s faithfulness.  That’s the absolute beauty of the relationship, we’ve been called to experience with a great and mighty God.  He is faithful; He remains always faithful, we can count on it, even when we are not.  This assurance of our Faithful God should always bring hope, because we know that His faithfulness does not depend on us.  Unfortunately we just can’t be faithful enough to ever deserve such a great prize.  (Yes, I counted it too; 6, but who’s really counting…) II Tim 2 13What’s your favorite event to celebrate? I love, love birthdays. I enjoy celebrating my family’s birthdays, my husband had to get used to this.  I guess it’s not surprising that I absolutely love Christmas.  It’s even bigger than our puny birthdays. It’s even more special that ‘Christmas’ is celebrated in almost every country around the world, though so many people are unaware of the actual Christmas story.  isaiah-9-6But it’s a wonderful story, isn’t it?  It is a story of hope and redemption; a story of grace and mercy.  It is a story of God becoming Man, so that He could buy back His people from the hands of His Enemy.  It is a story of the God of the Universe, Who chose to give up His throne, where He was adored and worshipped, just so His Great Prize (His people) could have an opportunity to spend eternity with Him.Matt 26 53 A wonderful story of a Great and Mighty God, Who could have called thousands of angels to His rescue, but chose instead death, so that His Special Creation, could have a choice for abundant life.  And the beauty of this story continues… because this God-Man did not stay in the grave.  Oh no…this God-Man raised Himself from the grave, three days after He was placed there.  Now this God-Man went back to where He first came from, to continue His great work for His people.  He went to prepare homes specially made just for them, because He desires to give them the chance at the life, He always intended for them to live. John 10 10 Although this event occurred more than two thousand years ago; I am alive today, because of this Great Gift.  Because of this wonderful story, I have a new life.  As a child, I believed that story; I believed in the God-Man and the work which He did to buy me from the Enemy.  I accepted Him as my Savior; I accepted His gift of abundant life.  Because of this special and totally free Gift of salvation, I have hope, love, and peace.  There’s laughter and joy, even in the midst of my sorrow, not because of me or my circumstances, but only because of that Christmas story.   Luke 1 38His Name is HOPE, His Name is PEACE, His Name is JOY, His Name is JESUS, for it has been said, He will save His people from their sins. matthew-1-21

Do you know Him?