Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your week? I do pray you enjoyed a good week, walking with the Lord, first and foremost.  This relationship with the Lord does set the tone for other relationships with others.  We learn to love and enjoy each other more, when the Lord is first is our lives.  We learn to put the needs of others before our own, especially when they don’t deserve it.  Say…what?!   I can assure you, ‘me first’ needs no practice; that comes naturally.  After a while, people can wear us out, if Christ does not sit on the throne of our hearts.  Impatience, anger, bitterness, revenge are attributes, we do not which to indulge in, especially when there is a congregation of too many family members.   D01C50AA-5557-42DA-8FA3-7C2EB9B01955The girls are here for Thanksgiving Break, a blessing for which I do thank the Lord.  It makes my heart glad, when my girls are sleeping under our roof.  I know… I know… they belong to the Lord; He is the best Caregiver and Protector.  They are in good hands, when they are in the Lord’s loving hands.  Praise the Lord for more mercy and more grace.  We enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving Day Dinner with our church family and friends.  There’s always laughter and ‘catching up’ and encouragement and spurring each other on, in our walk with the Lord. I thank the Lord for church folks. heb 10 25I am deliberately taking the time to slow down, as we approach the end of the year.  November is almost at a close and ready or not, December will be here.  ‘How do I want to end 2018?’ is a question I’ve recently asked myself.  How do I want to begin 2019, if the Lord spares my life? What are some changes to my schedule, do I need to make? How do I want to manage my time? Who am I becoming? Are there habits in my life, I need to break or cement?  Matt 9 38Let’s go on the journey of answering these questions, before the year comes to an end.  Let’s begin to make the necessary changes now, instead of waiting for a new year.  Let’s invite the Lord into the changes and ask for His blessing.  Let’s trust Him more, starting now.   Let’s decide now to acquaint ourselves with the Lord of the Harvest by immersing ourselves in His Word and by talking with Him.  Let us be intentional about obeying His Word; He really wants only the best for us.  Let us choose to be examples to our family, friends and to the world.  They need to know there is hope and joy and peace in our Lord.  What are some reflections we need to focus on, as the year comes to an end? Share with us your reflections of 2018 so far…closing1brenda

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  1. 2018 has been quite a year. Health issues for both my husband and me which thankfully have been resolved. Moving from one state to another. Adjusting from a large metropolitan area to a small country town. But I’m looking forward to new experiences, new friends and new opportunities to share Jesus in 2019.

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  2. Amen!! Amen!! Brenda!! It is a blessing that you all and your all girls spent moments with one another. Our Heavnely Father is Awesome!! He truly does know our Needs. I pray that He give you His Strength Daily. For me I’m praying to Position myself for Greatness to continue to be used by Our Heavenly Father’s. He has given me all this time, so I must use it productively. I know that the Harvest is so plentyful. Many who yet not know about Jesus Christ. I have asked Him to use me, and to give me all that I will need on this Battlefield. You and your family have a peaceful night of rest, and a Wonderful week. Do keep me in your prayers ((always)), and I’m doing the same for you and yours. Agape!! Shalom!! ((Hugs)). 🙂 \0/\0/

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  3. What an amazing mom you must be leading your girls to walk in the presence of the Lord! Grateful for people like you in the world. It is always so important to look back and see how much God has done and share those stories of breakthrough with others!

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  4. “This relationship with the Lord does set the tone for other relationships with others.”
    These words jump out at me. I would like to spend much more time in silent contemplation just enjoying being with God and basking in his love so that I can return that love by loving others more, and by putting it into practise.

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  5. Amen! I want to be the best example I can be to my kiddos as I finish this year out and in the new year to come! I also want to do a reading plan to read all the way through the Bible in 2019. I have read all the way through before, and then got half way through last year, but this year coming up I need to stick with it completely again!!

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  6. I am starting an exercise regimen, working on my small business plan, and making a list of all the baggage I’m carrying around so that I can praise God as He helps me through the list. I like what you said about slowing down because my inclination was to do just the opposite. I was prepping myself to gear up for the rest of the year, and I do not think that is what God has in mind. Thank you for this!

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  7. I am so thankful to not be in constant pain like I was for years! God showed me this year that He is not done with me yet. I am so thankful that He opened the door to publish my testimony this year and it has been awesome blogging for the last 3 months! God has been so faithful and I just want to be a good and faithful servant in 2019 and beyond. Awesome post, God bless you sister!


  8. Amen and Amen! I’ve been doing a lot reflections from this past year and I must say, it has been one of the toughest but amidst it there was a lot of joy. I saw God’s providing hands. His hands of comfort, peace, guidance. I’ve also seen I’ve been growing more in my spiritual life and where my faith has grown A LOT. I’ve seen where he’s cutting off my struggle with fear, which of course I know he hasn’t given to me. I’ve seen my prayer life sparked like never before. As this year closes I’m going to work on my habits now and do what he is calking me out of my comfort zone to do. I’m going to obey his word more as I continue to rejoice in my hope Jesus, as he teaches me to be patient in my tribulation, and as I will continue to remain constant in prayer! Blessings and grace to you my sister! ❤

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