Happy Thanksgiving friends, how are you today? If you’re anything like me, the past few days have been very hectic.  I am not even hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year and still it has been busy.  We are just about a week away from the end of November, can you believe it? I blinked, friends, I must admit that I have very little recollections of November. I found myself trying to retrace my footsteps and I am at a loss.  Apart from my closet, November has been literally a blur. I hate that! I really do not like to lose track of time because I feel as if I’ve wasted it.  We have one week left and I find myself trying to reign back, to plant my feet back on solid ground.  I Thess 5 17Notice solid ground is written in small letters, because I have not been negligent with my relationship with my Lord.  I can’t afford to be negligent, I would lose myself in the busyness, and if I did, that would not be a pretty picture for anyone, family included.  My Lord is my Lifeline during those busy days, He keeps my sanity intact.  Thank You, Father. I Thess 5 18That was a long introduction, wasn’t it? Anyway, how are you doing? Really, today, how are you doing? There is familiar poem by an unknown author (the entire poem is called, TIME TO PRAY, but I included only the last paragraph)…time to prayI have found that the busier I become, the more I need the Lord.  I encourage you to do the same.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are five (there’s more, but the list would be too long) things for which I am very, very, very, (well, you get my drift) grateful…

  1. The unconditional, unwavering, unfailing love of God
  2. My family (every single one of them)
  3. My church family (every single one of them [ but especially the ladies])
  4. You (every single person that has followed, liked, commented or just read this blog)
  5. Health and for stuff  (that includes everything else)

What are some things for which you are thankful?closing1brenda


  1. Oh, that poem is perfect! This post is a great start to my day- thank you for it!

    In light of our wonderful Friendsgiving last night with our small group from church, I would say I’m especially thankful for them and the opportunity to grow closer to God and the precious people He’s placed in my life. I’m thankful too for family, a sweet country home, a stocked pantry, and this blogging community! Our lists of gratitude could go on forever. How perfectly lovely it is to have a day to meditate on that gratitude together with our loved ones.

    A very happy Thanksgiving to you!! God bless!!!!

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  2. Hi Brenda, I like your post and yes, I am like you. I can’t believe we are almost at the end of another month – where did the time and days go. It was just October and now we are one week away from December. Wow, the scripture did say, if it wasn’t for the shorting of time…Perphap, God has already started shorting time? Maybe! Love, love, love your post it speaks to me in so many ways…and I understand, when you say, “The,Lord is my Lifeline during those busy days”. True, true, how true. Can any of us afford to be slack in our prayers. I don’t want to left behind because of laziness or refusal to heed Jesus command to pray without ceasing. He’s not saying that for Himself or because He needs prayer – He’s warning us that the only way you’re going to make it out of earth and into heaven safely if you learn to pray always. Thanks for writting great post. Can’t wait for your next one.

    And, I also want to acknowledge and thank you all my post you read and follow. Thank you, so much!

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! God is sooo good! Thankful for Jesus, my hard-working farmer, 5 sons, 3 daughters-in-love, and each of my 9 grands. Thankful for prayer, harvest, turkey, church family, and inspirational bloggers like YOU, Brenda 🙂

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  4. I thank Jesus for you that He has created people who are grateful of him all the time and is creating an atmosphere that is good in his sight, expanding the atmosphere among us who believes the power that can conquer anything, everything that opposes God’s way. God bless you every moment of your everyday!

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  5. God Bless You Brenda. Thank You!! Happy Bless Thanksgiving to You and Your Family. I personally have so much to be Thankful and Grateful for. (1). I’m Thankful for the Joy Jesus Christ has given me, when I didn’t have Joy. (2). I’m Thankful for the Holy Spirit within me that keeps me inline.LOL LOL!! Discipline me when He knows when I need it. (3). Thankful He Bless me with my laptop and internet service so I am able to connect with others online. ((Hugs)) 🙂

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 I wanted to let you know you are not alone with the time going by in a blur except for my baby girl turning 18 this November I cannot at I remember much more of it. You have not waisted time, I’m sure you do not seemed to be one to waist what the good LORD has given you and just the fact that you inspire me and others to strive to be more like Jesus and to do better in our relationship with him is the opposite of waisted time may God bless you throughout this holiday season and on Christ birthday and throughout the next year.

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  7. Happy Thanksgiving Brenda! I’m thankful for my fellow bloggers and so many, many things. I will probably blog about it, but just this week God answered a prayer of mine so fast I had trouble believing it was real! Basically he provided a job for my teenage son right in our neighborhood. It is truly a blessing. I’m with you on how fast this month went by and with not too much to remember about it, but I did a lot more running so that’s good. Enjoy your day tomorrow!

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