Hello friends, how are you today? Well guess what happened? We got snow! I mean real snow; you know the kind that has to be plowed and driveways have to be shoveled and schools are closed. Yep! That kind of snow and it is beautiful, I love the snow.  Of course it would be wonderful if it came with warm weather.  But that’s okay; there is beauty within the pain.9FD2ECF6-B1BF-4154-8D31-F1EA99B295ABYeah! Today, we are having a party; a blog party, that is!  I love to read blogs.  I prefer blogs that show people whose lives have been changed as a result of the beauty of God’s Word.  I enjoy reading about people who live life ‘in’ the world, but are not ‘of’ the world.  I like blogs about fashion and natural hair and thrifting and the Bible.  BUT, perhaps you have something different, please share with us who you are and what your blog is about.  Please don’t just leave a link to your blog; people like me want to know what you have to offer, before we click; something to do with the way our brain works.  AND don’t just leave a link and run away; someone might think that’s a bit selfish. Phil 4 4


The following rules are KaylaAnn’s (beautiful name) and after quite a bit of research, (see, I research too) I decided to go with hers, because they literally could be words coming from my mouth.  Thank you, KaylaAnn, for allowing me to use your rules.  She offers writing tips and she hosts regular blog parties among other things.  Do check out her blog.

Here are some simple rules:

  1. First off, everyone is welcome to participate in this Blog Party (even if you do not currently follow me, although I would LOVE it if you did!)
  2. If you are a new follower of my blog, say hi and let me know so that I remember to drop by your blog and check you out.
  3. Leave a Comment! Say hi and tell us who you are and what your blog is about. Feel free to leave a link connecting back to your blog’s home page or to your favorite or most recent blog post! (Post this only once please.)
  4. Mix and Mingle! This is where the party begins. I am blessed to have over 2,500 followers and this is a great opportunity for many of my friends to meet each other. You guys are amazing and I think a lot of you would enjoy meeting and following one another.
  5. In the spirit of the Holiday/November season, be sure to say what you’re thankful for and what your favorites season food/drink is, along with your other comments!
  1. Remember, you never have to follow anyone just because they follow you. However, it is good manners to always return a page visit for a page visit. Did someone stop by your blog, like or leave a comment? Do the same for them! It only takes a minute.
  2. Don’t forget to REBLOG! Spread the fun by encouraging your own followers to join in the party! This is the best way to attract new bloggers by spreading the word.


149 responses to “COME TO MY PARTY! BLOG PARTY!!(CLOSED)”

  1. Hello, Brenda and everyone here. There’s a buffalo chicken dip under the tin foil (I always bring that to parties), really happy to have stumbled across this ‘Blog Party’ although I’m not quite certain I fit in regards to the blog criteria…but from what I’ve read…I’m thinking you are all my kind of people, God inspired…
    22 yrs I was just praying to God for some direction in my life…it was crazy…working 110%…career…unhappy with that direction…just didn’t feel good physically as well…asking what direction God wanted me to be going, verifying I was on course but certain it wasn’t his plan ( always been a Christian since I can’t remember when) then less than a month later health deteriorated rapidly…soon diagnosed with health problems…career ending ones…
    I soon found myself unemployed…with a big mortgage…a 13 month old child…and my wife 6 months pregnant…and me dealing with this health adversity…
    If you’re not certain what you do under these circumstances….you pray. Not only do you pray…you surrender yourself to God in all that you are understanding he has a master plan for us all…
    Fast forward 23 yrs… my children are young adults with incredible educations under their belts. God has a way with providing intelligence, scholarships and grants to take care of that. My wife started a small business, it just fell into her lap. God is fully capable of making that happen as well. And me…well…I’m stable…and that’s all we could have ever asked for.
    Recently I prayed deeply once again…the kids are going to be just fine…as is my wife…and yet here I was again searching for direction to live the rest of my life…
    I’ve always loved writing…and I’ve always loved music…
    I came across these ‘podcast’ things…
    I sat in the concept for half a year and the feeling just kept building within me…
    And suddenly I was recording my thoughts and stories…for my wife and kids should anything happen to me…
    And then one day I felt inspired to make it a podcast…
    15 episodes in and I’m really enjoying it…my ‘audio blog’ if you will. Always non-fiction…becoming more vocal with my God inspiration within it… but most importantly it’s an outlet for me to let others know that in life we will encounter adversity…and for me…the only thing that saved me…saved everything in my life…was and is my faith in God.
    Really sorry to be so winded in this answer/introduction. That is the first time I’ve ever told this much detail to my story in 22 yrs.
    anyways…really happy to be here. Try the dip, it’s awesome, if I may say so myself. Glad to be here. Thanks for letting me hang out.
    I’m Tony.
    You can find me at
    or Finding Subjects Podcast

    Happy to be here! 👍🏻🙏🏻✌🏻

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  2. Hi Brenda, What a unique and bueatiful blog you have and a lot of followers. GOD BLESS You and your family and Thank you for liking my blog.

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