Hey there friends, how are you today? How was your week? What are your plans for this week? Did you include time with the Lord? Our walk with the Lord is personal as well as relational.  It takes a community to encourage, motivate, warn, comfort and edify us on this journey, so that we do not give up.  I Thess 5 11And it takes an intimate, one on one relationship with the Lord to ensure spiritual growth, soundness and knowledge.  We need each other, but we NEED our time with the Lord more.  As the year quickly comes to an end, let’s determine that our time with the Lord is not negotiable.  What we think about the Lord matters.  What we know about the Lord determines what we think about Him.  Spending time with Him confirms or not, what we’ve been told.  His Word is our sure foundation, and not just what we’ve been told.  Even Satan is able to quote scripture, even though he did not do that accurately. Know the Word of God for yourself; do not be satisfied with just what you’ve been told about the Bible.  Weigh what you’ve been told with scripture; ensure what you’ve been told aligns with scripture.  Scripture is true; it is the final authority.   Hebrews 4 12We serve a Great and Mighty God.  He is faithful and true.  He loves everyone unconditionally and unwavering; nothing and no one can take His love from us.  He gives peace and complete and utter joy, is found in Him.  He brings contentment and forgiveness is never far behind.  He brings laughter and even when He allows sorrow, He is never far away.  His presence is a surety and with Him comes grace and mercy.  How do I know that? II Tim 3 16Yes, I have been told so.  But I KNOW that to be true because the Bible told me so.  I BELIEVE that to be true because my God has proven it to me, time and time again.  Our Lord gave His Word which tells us about Himself and about real people with flaws, like (impatient) Moses, (fearful) Gideon and (timid) Esther. Still the Lord was able to use these people to tell His story.   They are real people, just like us; with choices to make, just like us.  He wants to continue that story in our lives; He wants this generation and generations to come to read our story.  Will our story be note worthy? Will they want to read about us? Luke 1 38As with the saints of old, God only showed One Perfect Man; His Son, He allowed us to see the imperfections of all others, like, Mark, Paul and Peter.  Yet He was able to use them, when they surrendered their lives to Him.  We have a choice today.  Unfortunately or fortunately, the Lord will not force us to accept His will.  We have to choose to surrender to His will, in order to do so, we must know the Person, to whom that surrender is given.  We can’t trust someone, we don’t know.  We can’t know Someone if we don’t take the time to know Him.  The choice to know Him is personal, believe it or not, if we really desire to know this God, reading His Story is not optional. closing1brenda

56 responses to “WILL YOU READ MY STORY?”

  1. That time with God is so important. It’s no wonder the enemy has so many traps laid out for us to steal our time away from God. We have to do as you said and make that time sacred. No interruptions just time with God.

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  2. I think that we have to think of Jesus in deeper terms than just as someone we want to get to know, and so we need to spend time with him, including time spent in his Word. We have to think of our relationship with Jesus like a marriage, because that is what it is, and we need to treat him like we would the love of our lives who we want to spend eternity with.

    But, our relationship with Jesus goes even deeper than that. He is living within those of us who are his, by faith in him, so he is with us 24/7 in everything that we do, in everything that we say, in everything that we watch or listen to. He is right there all the time. And, we can talk with him and we can hear him speak to us 24/7, not just at a set time of day.

    As well, Jesus is now our Lord (owner-master), for he bought us back for God with his blood shed on a cross for our sins, so we don’t just spend time with him in his word so we can get to know him, but we give him everything, all our time, all our hearts, minds, talents, passion, desire – everything, and we surrender our lives to him to be lived for his purposes and for his glory, and we allow him to direct our every step.

    Basically, our time with Jesus should be all the time, and we should be hearing him speak to us when we wake in the morning and before we go to sleep at night, and all throughout the day and even in our dreams. And, we should respond to his voice immediately when he speaks and do what he is showing us. We should truly sense his presence with us always, and that should cause us to be sensitive to his leadings, his promptings, and his conviction and warnings, too. And, this is how we will truly get to know him, moment by moment, and day by day, as we walk and talk with him and listen to him, too.

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  3. Recently I’ve learned how to study and apply God’s word deeper. And I’m so excited! Yes, we need to continually point ourselves toward scripture as our ultimate source to get to know God character and who we are in Christ.

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  4. Amen. Great words. Today I read Isaiah 58 and it hit me like a ton of bricks. God spells it out so clearly but without the Holy Spirit and the right timing, it won’t make an impact. Then suddenly it becomes clear.

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  5. Strong statement you made: “What we know about the Lord determines what we think about Him.” So true. I am in agreement with you that we can get to know God through His Spirit and through other people, but His Word is powerful and true, and He gave it to us on purpose.
    Great post! Thank you.

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