Good morning, friends.  How was your weekend? I am feeling much better, praise the Lord! It’s 37°, feels like 31°, but it’s a beautiful day.  The sun came out today and my sweetheart is home.  Yep! It’s a good day.  BUT if I allowed ‘good days’ to only come from external events, I would have a lot of bad days.  Because it’s fall and soon to be winter (sooner than most places, in my neck of the woods) sunny days will be very hard to find, and of course, my husband has to go to work.  Although, the Lord sends beauty and laughter and joy in people, circumstances and events, our Source of joy must come from the Lord.  Ps 107 1He has to be my SOURCE of beauty, joy and laughter. As a matter of fact, He makes it easier to find joy and peace and laughter and beauty in the little things when He IS the Source of my joy.  When I allow myself to be distracted by the people and the circumstances; when my eyes are not fixed on my Savior, then my heart is heavy when the sun is absent for two weeks.  I will be intentional in my walk with the Lord.  I will be intentional in keeping my Lord as the Source of my joy.   Rom 15 13Good grief! Okay, I won’t say a word about time and the speed of light.  Not a single word, because I know you are thinking it too.  But really, where did the time go?  I just had to say it. Okay now that we’ve had a chance to reflect on the past ten months, have we made the best use of our time, thus far? If you’re like me, then we’ve lost some of that time along the way.  Time, we can’t remember what we did with; time that slipped away from us.  Time lost that cannot be regained, because somehow we kinda misplaced it in our selfishness (that lasted too long) or while being envious and discontented (which kept reoccurring)  or just sulking and pouting because we didn’t get our way or just plain losing sight of our purpose; of our mission.  To know HimIt’s easy to become distracted by the insignificant and lose sight of our mission as Christians, which is to ‘know Him and to make Him known’. But thank God, we don’t answer to man.  Sometimes, the standard set by man (you know; me and you) seems to exceed God’s.  There is forgiveness and grace and mercy and new beginnings with our God.  Thank You Lord for new beginnings, we’ll begin again.   How are you doing?closing1brenda

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  1. Thanks for this post. I have walked with the Lord since a little girl so I should have it all together – right? Lately I have allowed my feelings to get hurt by a close friend and took my eyes off the Lord. Needed this reminder that my joy does not come from others – but from the Lord. God bless you!

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  2. I thought of this very thing today: it’s easy to be consumed with insignificant things like finances and decisions and overlook what matters most, living out the gospel. In light of the gospel nothing else truly deserves the full focus of our thoughts.

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  3. God Bless you and your family Brenda. I’m with Joy that you are feeling much better. I Strongly Agree!! Time pass so fast. But I’m Thankful anf Grateful to have seen this ((New)) Day!! Yes Our Heavnely Father is So Mercifull, Faithful!! You take care of yourself, and get your rest. ((Hugs)) Amen!! Amen!! \0/\0/ 🙂

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  4. Amen! So glad you are feeling better too! Praise God for new beginnings! I like the line in Lecrae’s song “Plugged In” off his new album “Let The Trap Say Amen” where he says: “Got my mind up on my mission, no time for distractions.” Amen! I pray we are all focused on Jesus and go all out in the mission He has given us! God bless you!

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  5. I hope you have a blessed day friend! I love that your reminder about God being the giver and very essence of JOY! Christ and joyfulness will always go hand in hand. I know that even on my most unlovable bad days that I can have the joy and peace that my heart cannot understand. Psalm 16:11.

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