Hey Friends, how are you doing today? I pray you had a fantastic week. A week filled with walking and talking with the Lord.  A beautiful week of trusting and believing that ‘all things (the good, the bad and the ugly) work together for good, to them who have been called’ Romans 8:28.  Keeping our eyes on our problems will only magnify them to even greater proportions. Believe me friends, our God is more than able to not only just carry our problems, but He is also strong enough to carry us through whatever ‘valley’ we may have in our lives. Jer 31 3 Happy November, friends! November is a good month, because it provides new beginnings and it will also help with the necessary preparation for Christmas.  I’ve always wondered why Christmas is a season, when it’s just one day; but I will take it.  I must admit I love Christmas.  I like birthdays and anniversaries too.  Can you believe my husband did not celebrate any special occasions? Really!! Christmas and birthdays were occurrences; we all looked forward to in my family. They were always momentous events and my sweet, dear husband could not be bothered.  Huh! Well, adding two more girls to the household certainly helped in ensuring that the celebrations of these events continued.  Yep, he is now an active participant and we now look forward to Christmas, which is just around the corner.  Phil 4 4I’ve always been fascinated with this relatively new (to me) notion of a Christmas Advent calendar. I love the idea of surprise gifts and/or activities to help prepare the family for the best occasion on earth; the remembrance of our Savior’s Birth.  The single occasion that everyone in spite of ethnicity and religion seem to celebrate, without that CHRIST there would be no Christmas celebration.isaiah-9-6 I searched the internet, but eventually had to create my own list.  Most of what I found was regulated to much younger kids. I thought I’d share my list with you.  Most of the ‘gifts’ can be handmade or bought at the Dollar Store, or thrift stores.  TJMaxx and Marshalls are also great alternatives.   Here is a possible list of ideas for kids ranging from 13(?) to adult, both male and female.  Attached is also a PDF copy here. Please share in the comment section any other suggestion you may have.  What do you think about an advent calendar? Have you ever done or bought one?  ADVENT CALENDER IDEASclosing1brenda


49 responses to “ADVENT CALENDAR IDEAS”

  1. I LOVE this time of year. Although we should give thanks all throughout the year, it seems most of us are more willing to be thankful during this time. I never heard of an advent calendar! This is a great idea, that I just might try! 🙂 Blessings Brenda!

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  2. I love all things Christmas so I love a countdown but find many ideas to be expensive and cumbersome to facilitate. But you have got me thinking about how I might be able to create something of my own that might work better for us.

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    • I love Christmas and I love the idea of an advent calendar. BUT yes I found them rather expensive, this way allows me to create my own in my budget, which is wonderful. 😁 do share if you end up trying it. Thank you 🙏🏽


  3. The Advent calendar we,used and,passed,doen to the grand children is felt and each day is a piece of the Nativity scene. They take,turns,putting,it,on the top,of the calendar on the background. The last thing kids really need is more reason for the “gimmes.” I came up with another idea last year I call the Christmas Angel Project. I got each family for my grands an angel doll and created pdf files of ideas for her to bring the kids each dayfrom a book to,read, a craft to make, an act of kindness, a recipe, etc. Plus an Advent verse for the family to read each day. If anyone is interested the pdfs are in the files in my Facebook group Christ-mas Traditions.

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  4. In years past, our kids received advent calendars with a chocolate behind each day’s “window”. We also purchased a felt nativity scene with a character in each date’s pocket to stick onto scene with velcro (to hang on wall). Ann Voskamp (blogger/author) has a “Jesse Tree” advent devotions & paper ornament for each day. Just some ideas…

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  5. Wow that’s interesting Brenda, an Advent Calendar! I may need to try that with my family. Especially with the new move to a new state just recently last month. This is something worth trying. Thank you for sharing. 🤗💖

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  6. The Christmas season has become my favorite time of year! (Don’t get me wrong, I love Spring, but there’s just something about Christmas… 😉 ) The smells, the feelings, the wintery snow, the warmth, etc, etc, and of course, the ultimate reason for the season! Jesus’ birth! After Thanksgiving, it’s only Christmas music at our house. The kids have learned to live with this mom imposed tradition, lol. Here’s to a wonderful Christmas season coming soon! God Bless!

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