Hey Friends, how are you today? How was your week? Can you believe it’s the last Friday in October? Time must have an appointment because it is sure going somewhere fast. Let’s give time a gender; it is now ‘she’.  We all know why, all the queens of “multi-taskers” out there.  This week was certainly not very productive in my neck of the woods.  I am still under the weather; this cold/flu lingered much longer than I thought it would.  My mom says it’s because I’m getting older, but of course, I’m not going with that.  It must be because this strain of cold/flu is strange and different; that’s my story and I sticking to it.  Of course Lauren Daigle’s new CD is still on repeat.  Lauren Daigle You say  This time, my favorite song is ‘Look Up”.  Sometimes when I can’t see the hand of the Lord in life’s circumstances, He reminds me to “look up”. Take my eyes off the circumstance, see His faithfulness, and take notice of the grace and mercy waiting, just for me.  Thank You, Lord.

GROWTH FAVORITES  Ps 107 1This morning, October pretended to be late November.  It was 35° but felt like 29°; really October, really! This is fall not winter! I love winter, I really do, but when winter lasts too long; when it begins in fall and continues in spring, it definitely affects my mood. Our weather calls for rain and clouds for the foreseeable future and my choice here is to either be happy and live life intentionally or to mope and feel sorry about the fact that I don’t live in St Lucia or Trinidad, where Tammy lives.  Tammy  has a great sense of humor, she keeps me smiling as I read her posts.  Check her out.  The past few years have been better; I have not allowed the weather to control my emotions, thus my actions.  Well since I can’t do anything about the weather here and moping isn’t going to change it and give me beautiful, bright sunny days, I believe I will go with option #1. In spite of what this winter brings, I choose to be happy and accept each day as absolutely beautiful from the Lord.  I will live life abundantly and will spend more time with our God.  I will dance and sing songs.  I will wear color to cheer me up.  I will spend time with friends and perhaps (definitely) go shopping and read books that uplift and encourage. You can hold me accountable to this promise. Let’s start today.  Psalm 144 15

FASHION FAVORITES  9C788B15-10A6-46EC-9A86-E43BEF75736CJust take a look at these shoes! They are beautiful; every single thing about them is absolutely stunning.  The heels are the perfect height and of course the snake print gives it just the detail to complete the look.  Although they are not ‘running’ shoes, the straps do allow them to be comfortable. I love heels, at 5”2, with one daughter already taller and the other constantly, sneakily comparing our height, I NEED my heels, thank you.  Of course, if you have been following this blog for a while, you know I bought these at the thrift store.  I know, right!!! Check them out, you won’t regret it. 39A28AE4-4783-45C1-B673-C9EBFFFFB355Aren’t these pretty? These are my only rose gold pieces and I really like the style and color. My husband (he really, really, really, loves me) bought me the necklace from Swarovski.  I was unable to find the exact one, but linked one similar.  The extended pendant gave it the quintessential edge necessary to be classic. The bracelets from Monica Vinader are the perfect match for the necklace. They are beautiful.  Of course, I bought these on eBay.   The choices are endless, just type Monica Vinader in the search on eBay.

BEAUTY FAVORITES B78488A5-D5AD-4FA7-8AF5-4B4565D3E224This Mac Jacobs perfume has the ultimate ‘fall and winter’ scent.  It has a woodsy, slightly floral blend. It is definitely heavier and a little is all you need from this perfume.  I must admit though, the design drew me to this perfume.  The color, the tassels and the boxy look makes it a beautiful, grown girly perfume. I bought it at TJMaxx. 5B37B0B1-7C97-4085-9919-009C299CE524Sometimes I don’t like to wear makeup, when I leave the house, but I must do something with my eyes.  This It Superhero mascara helps to give me the, ‘I’m awake’ look, without too much work, which suits me perfectly.  2049880E-397A-42F8-8B83-0E377DDE9969It is super black, but it does take about 2 swipes to elongate the lashes.  I do believe it may be my blackest mascara and its ‘easy’ to remove.  Thankfully it isn’t waterproof, but it does not smear around the eyes.   I received it in last month’s BoxyCharmDF36AD07-FE5E-4E8D-8A5F-3408B27FF960I love bright colors during this time of the year.  These lipsticks, from Mac, give the best bang for the buck.  The colors are true, they don’t smudge and they stay put on the lips, not on the cup or glass, which can be just a tad bit uncomfortable in public.  Love, love these lipsticks especially Ruby WooD4477688-3EB8-4E0B-AC16-009E366A7D78But of Chill is special too.  The girls bought me these lipsticks for my birthday and I think  this makes them even more special.  These lipsticks are very pigmented and staying power is incomparable.   The links have been provided, if you are interested.99A58C55-AFDF-462D-9C14-0C1DE7E9B686

NONE OF THE LINKS PROVIDED ARE AFFILIATE LINKS.  But since I’ve done all the work, you can thank me later.  closing1brenda




24 responses to “OCTOBER FAVORITES”

  1. Love this post. It made me think of my best friend since high school days, and that’s been awhile! We are so different. She’s a make up fashion type girl and I definitely am not, partly due to allergies and partly it’s just me. Thanks for the smile.

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  2. The long winters in MN give many people seasonal depression. I’m very thankful that it doesn’t affect me. We love praise music and dancing at our house too. 🙂 Looks like you found some real beautiful treasures! I’m “rediscovering” some of my favorite clothes, post baby. Have a blessed weekend! Amazing to know I have a Jesus-sister I’ve never met.

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  3. Hi Brenda,
    Hope you feel back to normal soon 😉

    We are in the middle of Spring but the weather didn’t get that memo & we are still needing warm clothes! Very unusual for here.

    Light therapy is very effective for those whose mood gets affected by long cold winters. It really does work 🙂 as it had a physiological cause.

    I’m 5’1″ but can’t wear high heels anymore, wrecked my feet by them, so nice flats it has to be! My hubby is 6′ too 😀 all my daughter’s are taller than me 😮 & 2 grandchildren are now as well! 😀

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  4. Hello! I am also 5’2 inches, however, I can not walk in the beautiful, elegant heels you are showing. My feet prefer lower heels or wedge sandals. And trust me I need to add height to my slight size, my husband is 6’5″!!
    Hope you feel better real soon! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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