Phil 4 4Good day friends, how was your weekend? We had a great weekend.  The girls were here! We went thrift shopping (twice! I will share my finds in a later post).  They (not me, of course) needed a few bits of weather appropriate clothing.  We went apple picking, which is always a fun activity.  Unfortunately though, we went on Saturday.  One would think there was only one apple orchard in Upstate NY, because we could hardly find a parking spot.  But I suppose everyone had the same idea, because the best apple cider donuts and apple cider can only be found there. I do believe the girls choose this apple orchard primarily for its desserts.  D01C50AA-5557-42DA-8FA3-7C2EB9B01955It was wonderful spending time with them.  We made apple crisps for the first time.  It came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  It was all Cleo’s idea of course, she is the experimenter.  You know they were missed, when my husband actually takes the time off work to spend with his girls.  Love this man, he is definitely a keeper! Our church is the best; the girls attended Sunday School and everyone assured them, they were missed. They had to leave afterwards, because it is almost a nine hour trip to their university and classes began on Monday.  But they definitely were able to rest in between the running around.  Guess what? I did not even mind the mess after they left.  And I can assure you they left our house in a mess.   But I do believe my body had forgotten how busy two teenage girls could be, because as of yesterday, I have been sick. 97326AA8-614F-45D6-912D-BE665B13C3CCBut in everything, we will give thanks, right?  It would have been worse, if the girls were here.  Doing absolutely nothing sounds very good to me.  Actually, I was commanded to rest. Thankfully, because it just my wonderful man and me, it’s easier to find the time to rest.  I may read one of the many books I bought at the True Woman Conference, which was absolutely refreshing.  And I may also read a very much fictional novel.  Reading with the TV playing a Rom. Com. in the background is my favorite resting pastime.  It is a beautiful day today, but rain is supposedly in the forecast.  ADC2137E-1D8D-40A5-A326-09BC78BC2972Jazz is with me, until later, when Benny comes home.  It will be a good day.  I will talk aloud to the Lord; I will tell Him how I feel.  He is an excellent Listener.  Have you had days, when you are thankful, in spite of being sick? Is 46 9God is still God, He is still good.  He is still ALMIGHTY and ALL-POWERFUL.   He definitely did not abdicate His throne.  How do you rest when you are sick?closing1brenda