‘I love you”.  Three little words, yet their impact on the world, throughout the ages, have been and still is unprecedented.  Everyone desires to be loved.  Adults and kids alike, attend therapeutic sessions because they’ve never heard the words from their parents.  Yet these words circulate the globe in every language.  People bandy these three little words around quite a bit.  “I love you” is written at the end of their blog posts.  Someone told me they loved me today, they said the words at the end of their YouTube video.  But do they really love me? Do you love me?Romans 8 35I know the Lord does love me with an unconditional, unwavering, and no holds barred kind of love.  I usually find myself relying on that love in times of distress.  I bask in that love when I run to Him for the twentieth time to forgive me for that very same sin.  I’m sure of God’s love for me.  He said so in scripture and He has proven it again and again. He sent me His Comforter so that I would not be alone.  I know He loves me beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I can trust His love.  But can I trust your love?  I cor 13 4 5I can be very impatient with people.  I like to do things my way.  Sometimes, I even speak thoughtlessly and way too much.  Sometimes my thoughtless speech can be perceived as rude.  Do you still love me? I know I am prone to procrastinate, especially when I am not sure of the outcome.  I really, really dislike chaos of any kind and I especially dislike disrespectful people.  I like cats, as a matter of fact, I prefer cats over dogs.  Yes, I even think cats are better than dogs. Can I trust your love for me? Is it dependable? I become very irritable when I am hungry.  Cooking can be my nemesis, but I do love to do laundry.  Will your love for me be unconditional or does it depend on my performance? I love to read and academically I did okay, but I really struggled with Math.  Why are there letters in Math? Why do we need Algebra anyway? Will your love for me be patient and kind? How long will your love last? I sometimes do the same thing a few more times, even after apologizing. It’s a bad habit, I know.  In the process of breaking that habit, it will reoccur a few more time.  Sometimes I allow my emotions to control my actions, now that’s never pleasant.  Is your love dependable or will you give up on me? Are you counting my wrongs? Perhaps I’ve used up my quota of forgiveness cards.  After all I’ve asked you to forgive me for that same offense, five times already.  Can your love for me endure? How big is your love?  I cor 13 6 7The truth is people (we) are hard to love.  We can be selfish and self centered at times.  We say hurtful and mean words intentionally: with the desire to inflict pain.  We lie, we cheat, and we steal.  That’s the nature of man.  Even as Christians, we do the same; we are perfectly imperfect.  BUT GOD… Rom 5 8Loving people is hard, sometimes loving those closest to us is even harder, but it is possible to love others without borders. I choose to love you with God’s overflowing love today and maybe tomorrow too.  I’ll have to pray about that, because the Lord is the only One that can sustain my love for you.  I do love you, my friends.   But when you can’t trust my love for you; TRUST GOD’S.closing1brenda