Hey Friends, how are you today? It’s a beautiful morning in my neck of the woods.  The cicadas are already singing praises to our God.  I love the sound of cicadas.  They usually seem to herald the beauty of sunshine, hot and humid weather, which is, of course the epitome of summer.  How are you today? How was your week? Were you like me, in that you found too many of  your actions were controlled by your emotions, this week? Perhaps like me, you will say, “not really me, it’s these hormones”.  Huh! That sounded very familiar.  Did that statement remind you of Adam too? It’s too easy, isn’t it? Rom 5 8 I like perfection in my life.  In my desire to have perfection, there are quite a few things I’ve failed to do.  There are quite a few friends I’ve lost along the path to perfection.   I’ve paid a high price for this elusive, trait.  I must realize perfection in my circumstances is unattainable.  Perfection in people is an impossible and unfair expectation.  Perfection in me is beyond my reach.   Should I then just give up? Should I lower the expectations and blame ‘others’? Should I just claim my humanity and stop trying? I cannot have perfection that is an unfeasible goal.  Yet there is a difference between ‘having’ perfection and ‘being’ perfect. I am perfect in Christ and daily I should be striving toward ‘becoming’ perfect. That’s the standard the Lord has placed before us.   Matt 5 48My husband gives our girls this bit of wisdom, “if you want to attain 100%, you don’t strive to reach 100%.  You set the bar at 150% or higher, then you are more likely to obtain that 100%”. Of course, usually he’s referring to their academic achievements, but the same can be applied to our spiritual lives. It’s the easy way out, when we blame ‘others’ for our faults.  It’s not hard to find faults in others.  Say it with me, “no one is _________”.  Blaming ‘others’ does not bring peace or healing.  It does not bring repentance or forgiveness. It does not bring restoration.  It most definitely does bring spiritual growth.  prov 31 31 The truth is Christ has called me to perfection; on my own; in my own strength; an impossible standard to attain.  The beauty of it is that this standard has already been achieved.  You see through the shed blood of my Savior; he bought my salvation.  When the Father sees me, He sees a perfect child, He sees me through His Perfect Son. He replaced guilt and its consequences with restoration and eternal life.  He brought beauty and joy to a hurt and destructive life.  The price for that beauty and perfection was too great to lower the bar.  It cost too much for me to say, “I can’t”. What shall we choose today, friends? Shall we choose perfection?



38 responses to “I HAVE ARRIVED!”

  1. Brenda, I appreciate this post. More people suffer the anxiety and depression of perfectionism than we realize. “Never enough” being the mantra for myself or for others. But the blessing is that not only are we perfected in God’s eyes by Christ’s own work of redemption, we now have the freedom to give GRACE to ourselves and to others. Not excuses (your post is refreshingly accurate here), but grace. The difference is that we view our own mistakes and the mistakes of others are OPPORTUNITIES to extend Christ’s very practical love. I could never have grace for others until I learned to be comfortable with God’s grace for me in my own skin. Accepted in the Beloved. I am enjoying your posts because they make me think. Blessings to you!

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  2. Cute outfit!!! Beautiful posts! I have been away from my lap top for a while and have been unable to check posts easily via my phone but now that I am back on now one of the first blogs I went to read was yours! Thank you for your Christian posts and godly reminders!

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  3. The cicadas are singing here as well! I have loved that sound for a lot of years! It goes back to a time when I was at camp, in full nature surroundings, with the cicadas singing in a huge choir, and feeling the peace of God around me. I still love listening to them! 🙂

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  4. This is beautiful. For a long time, I strived for perfection. I wanted the “perfect” life. But I heard God tell me to “be still and know.” I took that advice and things are starting to fall into place. I wish I would have listened to the Lord earlier!

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    • 😂😂😂 Do we ever listen the first time? Usually it takes multiple warnings and sometimes harsh consequences for us to take note. You are certainly not alone in the desiring of the ‘perfect life’. May we continue to see the Lord’s faithfulness


  5. I really love this Brenda, I did a similar post because I hear women talk all the time about Pinterest, how no one is perfect but then there’s that verse, God’s perfect is much better than ours and He’s not pressuring us like we do ourselves, He truly is patient. Maybe, I have arrived too.

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  6. That is a FANTASTIC picture, by the way 🙂 Oh those pesky hormones….I have to admit, that I do use this excuse too often. Sure, they do play a role, but I also have a duty to exercise some self-control (perfection). Thank you for the reminder (my family thanks you as well, lol) God Bless!

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  7. I was just thinking one night this week as I took a walk with my husband how much I LoVeD the sound of cicadas. Such a great post. Love reading. God bless you.

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