Hey Friends, how are you today? How was your week? May the Lord bless you and be with you.  It has been raining since yesterday, in my neck of the woods.  Right now, it is dark and gloomy and wet.   Yet I find that comforting today.  It is warm; a moderate 71° and cozy.  Love days like these, but I am thankful that that our summer is not filled with days like these.   I look forward to the ‘sunshine and roses’ days.  I love those days too, because I enjoy being outdoors.  The Lord brings beautiful balance to my world.   Now, if only I can apply that balance to my life. John 1 1Life is filled with uncertainties. I dislike uncertainties.  But unfortunately life does throw the unexpected. But there is good news.  The Bible is a great map and guide book. This handy dandy tool is better than any self-help book out there. Why? I have found that most self help books merely repeat what the Bible says anyway.  Really; God said it first and He said it best!   II Tim 3 16This Word comes with guarantees and promises that can truly be kept.  After all, the Bible is written by the Master of the Universe for His ‘masterpiece’; His people.  It is His Story to mankind.  It brings healing to a weary soul.  It heralds peace to that anxious person.  It provides comfort to the sorrowful. The Word of God soothes the wounded and brings joy to the hopeless. It fills every crevice of the heart because it is the very Word of the Living God. And because it is His words to you and to me; it is alive. It is powerful and will always accomplish the desires of the Author.  It transcends time for it is truly timeless.  It unites every ethnic group across the globe.  It can be understood by all ages.  It provides wisdom and knowledge to both men and women. It brings direction to the lost and offers personalized instruction to the scholar.  It reinforces the foundations of life. It brings true beauty to a life filled with ugliness.  It soothes a restless mind.  Hebrews 4 12The Word of God breathes life into dead bones and replaces despair with hope.   My friends, you can trust the Word of God.  Read it, obey it; you will not regret it.  

How does the Word of God help you? What does it offer?closing1brenda

33 responses to “DID HE REALLY SAY THAT?”

  1. Well Brenda, how about these summer storms! Where I grew up on the west coast, we did not have a ton of rain period, let alone in the summer. This has been a newer experience for me. But I do like rainy days, and it’s nice that they’re not cold!
    I like your personal way of writing – it’s you sharing your heart. Thank you! 💗

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Great post! I want to say I’d be lost without my Bible, but I’d be really lost without my Jesus. Thankfully He writes His word on our hearts and those hearts over flow, so that it is written out in Scripture for all of us. Thankfully He’s still doing this! Isn’t that amazing???? The more I read others blogs the more I see God hard at work. So inspiring.

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