Hello friends, how are you today? It’s a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. As a matter of fact I took a deep breathe and admired my surroundings; the lake, the trees, the birds. They all speak of God’s glory. They call out to me to stop for a minute. “Come” they say, “enjoy the beauty of a Holy God’s creation”. Don’t be too quick to move on to the next thing. Time spent with our Lord is irreplaceable, did you know that? The victor of the constant battle between flesh and spirit hinges on that quiet time with the Lord. How else will we be ready to handle life’s curve balls? You know that trials and tribulations are inevitable and if we are to embrace joy during that blessing of suffering, then basking in the presence of the All-Powerful God is not optional. If we want to say like Paul:2 Tim 4 7

There are several reasons why we need to spend time with the Lord; here are just a few:

1. Parenting is hard work! As Christians, the Lord has commanded us to raise godly children (Malachi 2:15; Proverbs 31:28).  The standard is the Word of God. The best gift we can give to our children isn’t education, isn’t money, although the world would like to say otherwise. It is the gift of salvation; of knowing the Lord Jesus as their Savior. It is teaching them to love and trust the Lord completely.
2. Exceptional wife: Ephesians 5:22; Proverbs 31:11. Benny and I have been married for almost (July 30) twenty four [24) years, and I need to say, He’s still working on me. A few years ago, a friend told me that submission involves sacrifice. It isn’t very difficult to submit to my husband when the issue isn’t important. But then, when it is a key issue and he is moving in this direction and I think we should move in that one, I can rest, assured that the Lord is faithful. He rewards obedience to His Word.
3. Develop people skills: John 15:12; Proverbs 31:20. Those love people verses! What are we to do? People are not always kind, they take pride in belittling others, some are downright mean! Huh! Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood, perhaps because the Lord knows that none of us are good. No, not one!
4. Establish ethical work habits: Ephesians 4:28; Proverbs 31:15. Working for people who appreciate what you do, makes the job enjoyable. It also encourages us to do our jobs well. But when the conditions are not pleasant, having that daily personal time with the Lord, helps us to give our best, in spite of the circumstances.
5. Becoming an honorable woman: Proverbs 31:10. In Proverbs 31:30, we read that the woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. That’s where it starts.Is 64 8 That time with the Lord is a privilege. The Lord desires that we spend time with Him. He wants us to know Him, so that we can trust Him. He wants us to devote ourselves to Him, to find pleasure in His presence. Because we have to interact with others, we should spend time with the Lord. Because life throws us curve balls, we should spend time with the Lord. Because we cannot control our surroundings, we should spend time with the Lord. And believe it or not, because we are not ‘nice’, neither are we ‘good’, we need to daily be in the Word of God and prayer. I promise you, the world will thank you.


25 responses to “ARE YOU READY TO WIN?”

  1. Wow Brenda! You have spoken to me today through this post! I have been greatly encouraged today by a servant of God. He told me that, spending time with God is NOT a waste of time. To the world it is, but to Him its NOT! Then I come on WordPress and find a post talking of almost the same thing, spending time with God! To God be the Glory! May God bless you and your family abundantly in Jesus name!

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  2. I love the way nature reminds us of the way God works in everything. Sounds like a beautiful day at your place Brenda. Looking at something else growing, with full reliance on God, always reminds me that I too fully rely on him. Sometimes when we get a bit inward looking we forget. I know I do. Job 12:7-10 is beautiful in this way. Hope you get out to enjoy more. Thanks for all the encouragement. L

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    • Thanks Lauren, I have to be intentional in spending time outside. There is always so much that needs to be done. But every once in a while, I am reminded that I am more thankful when I spend time outdoors


  3. A wonderful Sunday afternoon reflection Brenda! Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom! Time spent with our awesome God is never wasted! I love walking through the woods and admiring God’s creation!


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