Hello my friends, how are you, today? It’s a beautiful day in my neck of the woods.  It’s a cool 60° morning, but it’s supposed to rise to a beautiful 74° later today. This is perfect temperature, in my humble opinion; perfect balance of neither hot nor cold. Huh! That description reminds me of the ‘church of the Laodiceans’ that was neither hot nor cold.  You can read more about that church in Revelation 3:14-22.  What’s a perfect temperature for you? Perhaps after reading that passage of scripture, you may not want to say 75°.  But I’m sticking with it, because it’s not the same thing, right? Is 64 8I know a Perfect Father.  Do you know my Perfect Father? He does not have to be my Father alone; I will gladly share Him with you, even if you already have a father.  Actually, I have a secret.  I did tell you, I like secrets! You may find this surprising, BUT my Father is better than any father out there.  Now, you may say, I don’t know your father, and that’s true.  But I know my Father, and He is the best! You really, really want Him to be your Father too! Let’s compare, shall we, (because it’s a totally unfair comparison, perhaps we won’t) you see, my Father: rom 5 20

  1. Loves me unconditionally, unfailingly and unwaveringly.  Always. All the time. Every day. At every hour of the day.  Even on Mondays, when I am not at my best.  Yep! He loves me. He tells me and shows me His love every, single day.  I John 3:1
  2. Forgives quickly.  And He never, ever reminds me of that time, when I did not get it right! He literally forgets it! I John 1:9
  3. Is just when He disciplines.  He is always fair.  In fact, He never disciplines in anger, and He always extends grace and mercy with that discipline. Hebrews 12:10/Revelation 3:19
  4. Is incomparable in His protection.  You see, He is always with me; everywhere I go, He is right there.  Even in the darkest night, during these scary situations, He is there. Psalm 139: 7,8/Psalm 91:4
  5. Is the best Provider, He gives me everything I need.  Everything! Matthew 6:26/Matthew 7:11Jer 31 3Now, I could go on and on about the attributes of my Father.  He is good. He is faithful. When I am sad and hurting, He comforts me; in fact, He hides me and keeps me safe, even after I am healed.  He can perform miracles. Now, I KNOW your father can’t do that! I’ve told you before; He is the best Secret Keeper! Do you know the coolest thing about my Father? He knows you! Yes… But even more than that, He loves you too.  I wish I could say He loves me best.  But the truth is; He loves us equally. Do you know my Father? I know some of you do know Him too.  What are some things you know about Him?  

Happy Fathers’ Day, LORD!  closing1brenda