Yeah! Spring is here at last, although it may not seem like it, move over winter, spring has arrived!

We took Anna to scout out a college, (please, Lord, slow down the time!),  while there, I noticed this caption, ‘Bloom where you’re planted’, written on the wall. The Resident Director said for a few students, this is not where they want to be so rather than make the most of where they are, they squander their time, and most need a behavior adjustment.

DSCN0357That got me thinking of a time when I was in a place I did not want to be.  I just could not believe that the Lord had planned this for my life.  I had my life all mapped out already; how I was going to serve the Lord and where that service would take place and it was a good plan (or so I thought).  But here I was, in a totally new environment with which I was unfamiliar.  That could not be right!  How could I function under these circumstances?  I prayed and waited for change. And I prayed and I waited; and prayed and waited some more (you get the drift). Nothing happened; nothing changed.  Fear was first in the miasma of emotions. Anger and bitterness quickly followed and on the heels of that came depression.  Throughout that time, the question, ‘how can God do this to me’, was never far from my mind.  Also during that time, throughout the course of varied emotions, while I still continued to wait for the Lord to change my setting, I should also mention, that I never stopped praying (trying to convince God that I knew better) and I read my Bible daily (that was habitual).   I was not in a good place.  DSCN0358My eyes were no longer on the Lord, but were rather on the situation.  I was sinking and was utterly overwhelmed with the direction my life was going.  But God is faithful, He is gracious and full of mercy and there is no end to His amazing grace.  The Bible tells us that the Word of God will not return void and ultimately when I hit rock bottom, I could only call on the Lord to save me.  Throughout that time, the Lord Himself became my Strength, my Shield, my Defender, and my Protector.  His Word eventually broke through the barrier that had been built by my emotions, by my doubt.  Do you know my God? 

DSCF0090Bloom where you’re planted.  You are there for a purpose.  God is infallible; He does and He allows.  Allow Him to change you and grow you, nurture you.  It was always about you; never really about the circumstance.  It is just a tool to be used by a Holy, Righteous, and Loving God to draw you to Him.  Live life, enjoy the sunshine, laugh. Your God has not abandoned you.  He was and still is right there.  Read your Bible, pray, and obey.  Be willing to submit your will for the Father’s will.  Trust that He knows what he is doing.  Believe He is and continues to work it out for your good.  Bloom where you’re planted. DSCF0163


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