What a great reminder that the treasures of our heart ought to be eternal.  When the Word of God becomes the foundation on which we stand, it becomes easier, as time goes on, for us to enjoy the stuff the Lord has given to us, rather than allow the stuff to consume us.

Today is the last of February 2017, forty nine (49) days into the new year.  Are our footprints in the sand leading others to know the love of our Creator?  Spending time with the Lord, meditating and obeying His Word is not optional, but rather a privilege and a command.

The Lord has blessed me.  He has given to me a few things to enjoy, here are my favorites for the month of February.

Fashion Favorites:img_0427

I bought these coated leather-like  pants from H&M for under $20.00, (I do not spend a lot of money on clothes) and I have worn these pants so often that I have to say no to myself, when I again reach for them.  They are made in a spandex material, making it extra comfortable. You can find a similar one Here   These shoes!  They are Steve Madden; I bought these beauties at the Goodwill for $8.00.  Really, Goodwill! Really!  But they just called out to me, so I saved them.

Shoes & pants








Beauty favorites: img_0422 This See by Chloe perfume has a citrus and floral scent.  An excellent balance of young and old.  I do like it.  I bought it at TJMax for under $20.00.  ( TJMax has a great Clearance sale section).  Here for this perfume. The girls bought me the lipstick as a Christmas present.  It is a mixture of red and burgundy, beautifully combined.  But then, what do we expect from Mac?  It is called VivaGlam I. Go Here to get one. Love that name! The Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation contains both a concealer and a corrector.  It is an ideal foundation, for women with dry to normal skin.  It is very pigmented, so that you need a tiny bit.  I use a beauty blender to apply. Find it Here The It Cosmetics Three in One contains a highlight, bronzer and blush.  I do prefer the blush of the three.  It is very subtle on dark skin. Go Here to find a similar one.

Growing favorites: These are the best favorites.  I guess I will start with my Ipad.  I rbibleead, I plan, I shop, I can text and answer the phone, all on my Ipad.  My favorite apps to ‘Grow in grace’  II Peter 3:18, to becoming God’s tapestry, to being a Proverbs 31:10 woman are Bible, by Olive Tree.  I prefer this app because there are several free bibles, including KJV, NIV, ESV, to just name a few.   I use the NKJV, along with John MacArthur ESV Study Notes. After you have downloaded the app and downloaded a Bible, the internet is no longer necessary to use it.   Periodically, they will also have sales. I also use A Note (Awesome Note) for my prayer journal.

It is extremely convenientimg_0429. I use just these two apps and they are both on my Ipad.  I am also reading Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s new book; Adorned.  I absolutely recommend this book.  This book can be also used as a Bible Study.  It can be read alone, or you can read with a group  of ladies.   I love it!  It is centered around Titus 2 and Nancy does a beautiful job of bringing out the truths of God’s Word.  It is not a substitution for the Bible. Nothing should take the place of God’s Word.  Have you met a woman, who loves the Lord with all her heart?  Isn’t she beautiful?  She is described as being beautiful, not just looking beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great to be both?

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