cropped-img_0822-edited.jpgI am a sunshine girl.  I love the sun!  I love being able to wear fun clothes, high heels, colorful handbags.  Summer is my happy time.  It brings laughter, festivals, fairs, travels.  But it isn’t summer, now. Summer is still a few months away (insert sad face here).  But… (insert smile face here)  I do appreciate the winter though.  I love sitting in my kitchen, watching the snow flakes as they fall to the ground. I also welcome a good snowstorm too, from the inside, in my comfiest clothes. And after a while, especially as the months roll past, as my heart calls for summer, well even spring will do, at this point, and my patience with the cold and snow is starting to unravel..

I have found these tips to be perfect for combating the winter blues…

  1. Get a Bible, a pen and prayer journal (any journal will do, it does not have to be expensive), and spend a part of the day in prayer and Bible meditation. Now get ready to travel to lands far, far away (or maybe close by).  You will go to Egypt and Israel, to just name a few. But the most exciting thing about this trip is that we can talk to the Creator of these lands, isn’t that fantastic? (If you have a tablet, you can use that too. My favorite apps to use for that purpose are; Bible by Olive Tree and aNote for my journal)IMG_0976
  2. Listen to music. I love music, especially when it’s loud and fast . And of course it has to come with good bass and drums. Did I say I am from the Caribbean? My favorite albums, being played over and over and over again (can you feel the frustration of the kids and husband?) are ‘These are the Days’ by Love and Outcome and ‘Be One’ by Natalie Grant.img_0032
  3. Exercise… I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. But I promise you the hardest part is really the motivation to actually start. So what are you waiting for?  Right now, Anna and I are using a personal trainer, sounds exciting, right?  Her name is Cassey Ho and she can be found on YouTube under her channel’s name; Blogilates. She is good.  We have a love – hate relationship. Anna is convinced she is a robot.  I tend to agree.img_0197-edited
  4. Wear color… I love pops of color in my attire; usually that pop of color is found in my handbag, or my shoes.img_00231
  5. Go shopping… need I say more?
  6. Spend time with and talk to friends and family.  Mentor someone, you can make a difference in someone’s life.01ddee5f97a5b9acf18760f2b50db86225ff704a10
  7. Read a book… I love to read, most of my alone time is used to read; or listen to music; or shopping.  Well, I can’t choose just one from the list, so I guess, I like all three. img_0363
  8. And finally, drum roll please… I saved the best for last! Draw near to the Lord, by spending time with Him and obeying His Word.  You will find peace and comfort and motivation to move and accomplish the tasks.  I feel as if I have said that before?  Well, just in case you missed it.  Christ is the Best Motivator.

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