Summer is like the ‘in between’ isn’t it?  It comes after spring, which heralds new life; but comsummeres before fall, which brings with it, color and what some might consider bearable temperatures.  I wonder if summer had a voice what she would say.  On that note, what do we think about the weather being referred to as ‘she’?  Is that a compliment?  Huh!  I will have to think about that.  I pray you had a great summer.  Yes, we had above average temperatures, but who is complaining, right?  I pray that you smelled the roses, that you laughed a little more, that you played a little harder, that you spent more time with family, that you crossed out dos’ off your bucket list.  Well, sadly, here is the final part of our summer;


I love New York City in the summer; the people, food, sights, and sounds.  BUT, only in small doses.

And…. we left a part of our heart in Cedarville, Ohio

And of course the ‘work’ part…

New York State Fair 2016… what can I say?  Let me give you a hint; 86 degrees, Labor Day, Dollar day, record attendance, need I say more?

Then, there were lazy days and bucket list.. we walked (Anna & I) the Onondaga Creek Trail.  Anna took these photographs.  Creation is breath-taking and beautiful.  We had at-home manicures, pedicures, and facials.  We tried to out-run our food, so she rode her bike and I ran (literally).  Truly, we serve a Great and Mighty God!  He is Faithful and the Creator of all.

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