Where did the time go? Sixteen already!  I still cannot believe it.  I blinked and this happened.  We thank God for you, Anna. I know I speak for your daddy also, when I say ‘we’.   You kept us on our knees; prone to fall, prone to be sick, least aware of her environment, 😍 and asthmatic.

You are so loving, so optimistic, so patient, and so kind.  You love others, even though you find it difficult to approach those you do not know.  You have such a love for knowledge, though it may be for trivial things. 🎀🎉.  I admire your fashion sense, I applaud your independence. I appreciate your cautious nature. The Lord has kept You, Anna.  He has held you in His arms and many times, throughout the years, He has carried you.  He stood between you and ‘out there’, and continues to do so, even to this day.

You are loved by an Amazing, Awesome, All-Powerful Creator.  He is still working on You.  Now you, Anna; soar, take risks, trust, He will catch You.  We love you; you will ALWAYS be the BABY.  I thank God that He loves you more.  I still cannot believe it!  Sixteen already!  Where did the time go?


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