HELP HIM…please

Wow, well ready or not, August is here, perhaps like me, it definitely came too soon.  In just a few weeks, our house will go from four to two people.  Too soon, my husband and I will be empty-nesters.  Our house will go from kids running up and downs the stairs; no more constantly driving … More HELP HIM…please


Long, long ago, when I was a child, we regularly participated in a competitive game called Bible Boxing.  Don’t worry, there was no bloodshed, just my pride if I lost (I am just a tad bit competitive).  This activity was based on Bible verse memorization. You had to KNOW your verses!  This was not a … More LET’S START HERE!


Hi there, how are you today?  How was your week? Has it been one of THOSE weeks?  You know, the one where everything that can go wrong, did go wrong.  Or perhaps you had a great week and things, in your section of the globe was just wonderful.  In spite of the kind of day … More REMEMBER