Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Today in my neck of the woods, the skies are blue, the sun is out and although right now, the temperature is still a chilly 43°, in just a few hours, we will bask under the warmth of 63°.  I love this time of the year, the influx of various birds as they traverse the very heavily trafficked skies, as they build nests and find shelter in the now leafy trees, as they cry in their special voices their praises to our God.  I love this time of the year, when seemingly life is breathed into what was once dead.  But I admit I especially love the month of May. Yes, yes, May is truly one of my special months. Can you guess why? 

If you guessed that it’s my birthday month, then you are absolutely correct! As a matter of fact, tomorrow (May 10th) is my birthday.  I love to celebrate birthdays; mine, my family’s, my friends.  Birthdays are special.  They remind me that life is special, it is a gift from God.  As the day draws near, it reminds me to take stock; the era of a year is coming to an end, life has been lived, the events have passed, and a new era is approaching. A birthday tells me to make plans, but I’ve learned to hold them loosely because the Lord will have the last word.  A birthday says ‘Live! Live! Life life abundantly’.  A birthday says, ‘rejoice, sing, dance, laugh, take the time to be merry’.  The older I get, the more I learn to surrender to the Lord, perhaps one day, it will be more instinctive.  

At the beginning of the month, in honor of my birthday, I decided to celebrate life everyday and to make each day special. So, before I can welcome a new year and say ‘au revoir’ to the last, here are 10 things the Lord has shown me throughout the last twelve (12) months.

1. I don’t have to wait for the month of May to make each day special.  Every day can be special if I approach it through the lens of God’s Word.  A good day does not depend on my circumstances, it depends on my outlook, which depends on my beliefs, which depends on my convictions, which comes from the Word of God. I know right! I was like… Lord, a little softer please…

2. Prayer is the best ‘thing’ to do in every circumstance and for all people, especially myself.  Prayer is my surrender of my worries and my anxieties to the Lord.  There is nothing like ‘mere prayer’ or ‘just prayer’. Prayer gives my stresses to the God of the universe; only then can I have rest.  I suspect the Lord was a tad bit impatient with me, I’m sure He was like… “we’ve been here before, Brenda”.

3. Praying about an issue or a person does not exempt me from ‘doing’.  Prayer does not give me the right to do nothing.  Prayer includes my obedience to whatever work; the Lord has called me to perform.  I pray in faith, but my faith is demonstrated by my work. “A little softer, please, Lord”

4. Praying about an issue or person does not necessarily mean that change will occur in that quarter. Sometimes, just sometimes the change that is needed is me.  I must adapt, I must change, even at times when I know I am right, perhaps especially when I know I am right. During times like these, the Lord requires humility and patience which is usually far from me.  Yes, the Lord has been speaking very loudly.  I think He is saying something…

5. When I begin my prayer with acknowledgment and worship specifically and directly made to the God of the universe, only then the words that come out of my mouth become more meaningful. Without that, the words from my mouth are just that, mere words.  To acknowledge God is to remember Who I am actually talking to and His capabilities.  And to think, Jesus had already said that when He modeled how we should pray. God knows best, doesn’t He?

6. The older I get, the more I’ve leaned to value life and not just mine, but especially others, especially those who do not know God.  The older I get the more I think of the end of this life, and I am reminded that there is a heaven and there is a hell and real people are going to hell.  Some are my family and others are my friends.  

7. I’ve learnt that I can’t love more then God.  I am not more merciful, I am not more compassionate, I am not more faithful.  I am not a good friend when I condone sin in order to protect that friendship.  I do not show love when I bend the Word of God in order to avoid offense.  

8. I’ve learnt sinners’ sin, that’s what they do.  Trying to get them to stop sinning by singling out specific sins in their lives, isn’t the real problem. Their need is salvation, not self righteousness. In that same vein, Christians should be Christ-like.  My life should demonstrate the Love and grace of God.   Forgive me, Lord.

9. The older I get, the more I desire that the footprints I leave in the sand point others to a saving and keeping knowledge of God.  

10. I’ve learned this world is not my home, so I hold loosely to the wonderful gifts the Lord has seen fit to give to me.  The permanent and eternal things I take with me are people and my character.  Not don’t think that I’ve completed stopped shopping, but let’s just say… the knowledge is there.

I thank the Lord for walking with me, throughout the past year.  He has had a lot to say of which I’m sure, I missed 60 percent.  But He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be.  It took Him six days to make5 the moon and stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.  How loving and patient He must be, ‘cause He’s still working on me”.  

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  1. Your wise words really touched me today, Brenda. It’s amazing the things God teaches His children. He knows us best. He always knows what we have need of. The part about “We’ve been here before, Brenda,” just tickled me! I imagine that’s exactly what He says about me! 😆
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you (in your words) rejoice, sing, dance, laugh and take the time to be merry! LIVE! 🙌🏼 🎉 🍰 🎂

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  2. You have learned some great things, thanks for sharing! Also, happy birthday as today is the 10th. God bless you this day and beyond! 🥰

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    And thanks for another great post this old man needed to hear!! I didn’t have to read all 10 (I did, though) because lesson 1 says so much!! — “A good day does not depend on my circumstances, it depends on my outlook, which depends on my beliefs, which depends on my convictions, which comes from the Word of God.” AMEN!!

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  4. As always, Brenda, I look forward to and am blessed by the wisdom you impart in your posts.
    God has been teaching me about prayer this past year (and the previous year), as well. I love learning how to know Him better, and how to build a closer relationship.
    “I do not show love when I bend the Word of God in order to avoid offense. ” – I love that. It’s such an important lesson, and one that is hard to learn.

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    • You are so very right, it is hard to tell people of their sin, especially when we know the response we will receive because of it, I am guilty of in most cases, saying nothing, but I know the Lord isn’t pleased and I am not doing them any favors by saying nothing. May the Lord bring us boldness and wisdom

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  5. I love your wisdom that you share with us, my friend! My granddaughter has her 16th birthday tomorrow and she is so excited to get her learner’s permit! Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful day and a blessed year!

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