Hey friends, how are you today? Has spring finally sprung in your neck of the woods? Over here, we went from winter to slighter warmer winter, then into summer and now back into slighter warmer winter.  The meteorologists have assured us though, that spring will eventually show up, later this week.  Though we wait for spring to be ‘felt’, there have been other signs of spring on almost every corner. From the cacophony of sounds from the birds in the early mornings, to the budding leaves on the trees, they all point to the arrival of spring.  Instead of the winter browns and grays, the tulips and crocus, along with other flowers have finally brought color to our neighborhood. The changes that each season brings is truly fascinating, these changes all point to the absolute authority and power of the God of the universe.

I think though, spring depicts the beauty of what a relationship with the Lord brings to our lives, when we invite Him and allow Him full control. Spring tells me to wave my white flag in surrender to the God of the Universe.  Spring says “stand in awe” of the redeeming grace of a Holy and righteous God.  Spring reminds me of the wonder and beauty the Lord brings to my life when I give Him full control.  Spring says that though there may be no visible evidence of life, I need to press on. I need to believe that growth is progressive, not instant.  I must call to mind that: 

Spring brings new life; it’s there in the tulips, whose shoots persist in spite of the cold that still invites the snow.  A new life that belongs to us when we accept the Lord as our Savior.  When we accept the forgiveness of God, we see the evidence of restoration, of redemption.  We can bask in the renewal of life that deliverance from sin brings to us, as we deepen and grow our relationship with the Lord, when we spend time in His Word, when we pray and when we obey, signs a new a life is evident.  

Spring heralds beauty: it’s seen in the clearer skies and felt in the warmer temperatures.  We see it in our lives, when we ‘fear’ the Lord, when we respect and admire the Lord of the Universe. When we stand on the precepts of truth, which is found in the Word of God, true beauty can finally be experienced. Walking in the Spirit allows us to see the beauty in life, even when there seemingly isn’t any physical proof of it.  

Spring invites fellowship. It’s there in the cluster of crocuses, which seldom stand alone.  We hear it in the laughter of the kids as they frolic in the parks and playgrounds. We experience it, when we spend time with friends and family, but more importantly with our Lord as we daily spend time with Him in His Word.   We develop and nurture that relationship with Him.  We take the time to know Him and His will for our lives.  

Spring propels movement. It’s there in the scampering of the chipmunks as they forage for food.  It’s ours when we put on our walking shoes and enjoy the company of others, while we talk about the goodness and greatness of our God.  We understand, as Christians that our salvation isn’t stagnant.  Salvation invites movement, sometimes, there is rapid growth, sometimes slower growth, sometimes there is even regression, but it is never motionless.  We realize that our salvation is only the beginning of a redeemed life, the ‘working out’ of our salvation has only just begun.  

Spring brings growth.  It’s there in the blossoming of the leaves on the trees and it’s ours when we accept the dictates of the Word of God as the final authority on our lives.  Growth begins with our obedience of the Word of God.  But in order to obey, there must be knowledge. Knowledge is gained when we spend time getting to know the One, to Whom we belong.  He is there when we open our Bibles.  We cement that relationship with Him as we seek truth. As Truth is revealed, more of it can be found as we attend church services and develop relationships with other like-minded people.  

Happy spring, my friends.  It’s time to celebrate.  What other lessons has spring taught you about God? 

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14 responses to “IT’S HERE AND I’M GLAD ABOUT IT”

  1. Such uplifting observations of spring, Brenda! I’ve found encouragement from the pansies in our deck planter. After an overnight winter-blast, they appeared done for, drooping and shriveled–even though I’d covered them. But in no time the bright sunshine of the next morning caused them to slowly resurrect. And doesn’t God do that for us as we spend time in his radiant Presence (Psalm 16:11)? Praise God for his resurrection power upon our spirits!

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  2. I LOVE your Spring Life Lessons! All so true – look at the abundant beauty God springs into life!
    I was sitting this morning with my devotional readings, looking out our front window; and I was thanking God for a perfect spring morning. The grass is greening, the sky is blue, the birds are flitting about the feeders hanging from our tree. It was picture-perfect in that I was enjoying from inside, while it was 32 degrees outside. 😊

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    • The grass is greening, the skies are blueing and the birds are flitting 😂😂😂great is our God and He is greatly to be praised. Can you believe it will be 84° tomorrow? Absolutely beautiful but Sunday we are back to the 40s. But still our God is amazing. I love to enjoy God’s nature from the inside looking out when it’s freezing outside

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