Hey friends, how are you today? Wow! Can you believe we are here! 2023!! How was your Christmas and how did you usher in the new year?  Happy, happy new year to you and yours.  I love this quote by Oswald Chambers “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of the God whose ways you may not understand” and again this one by Chuck Swindoll “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it” and finally this one by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself: John 10:10.

I would like to take this time to apologize for my almost six weeks of silence.  I sought to take a break, but this break lasted much longer than I intended.  It was well spent though, and I am back and ready to take back this space by storm.  I rested, spent time with family, with quite a few of them visiting for the first time.  Spent time rediscovering me, because it’s never good to lose sight of oneself on this journey of Christian living.  Ahh what a time! I will share it all with you as we go along.  Took the time to reflect on the year, it’s ups and downs, my attitude toward the unpredictable, and toward the trials.  There were things I wished I had done differently, but still with the reminder that life should move forward and forgiveness, tempered with grace and mercy has been freely given to me, I just need to accept it.   How are you? 

Well, we have entered a brand-new year. 2023 is here with twelve months of blank, unwritten pages.  For the God of the Universe, our steps have already been ordered according to Psalm 139:16 because nothing of course, takes our God by surprise.  But for us, we have choices to make, decisions that ultimately will tell their stories about our beliefs with subsequent actions that prove these beliefs.  Prayerfully, we will choose to make 2023 a better year and not one which is a mere reflection of 2022.  If the Lord allows, we will look back at 2023, just as we did 2022 and see the results of a life that told a tale about our walk with the Lord because ultimately all of life leads back to this one truth.  Did the life I live bring glory to my God? 

2022 is in the rear view now, it is a tale filled with past news, now we have been given brand new opportunities to fill brand new days; one day at a time.  What are your goals for 2023? Of course, the primary goal of every Christian is to be more like Christ.  But what are the steps to attain this goal? 

Glad you ask; here are eight steps to accomplish our goals for the new year.

  1. Daily spend time with the Lord and in His Word.  In order to accomplish any goal whether it relates directly to our spiritual life, because it involves us, we need to bring it to the Lord.   All of life relates to our primary goal as Christians; to be more like Christ.  That can only be accomplished when we spend time with the Lord me in His Word.  
  2. Sometimes to completely reset a new year, it is necessary to begin a new Bible study.  The change of a different book can at times captivate and keep our attention focused on the Lord. I began with the book of Ephesians.  
  3. Although knowledge of the Word of God is profitable, it is always more beneficial when we actually obey the Word of God.  Our lives are enriched and and our goals are better aligned when we do when the Word of God says. 
  4. Chronicle your journey through the Word of God and your time with Him.  It really is for our good, this activity helps us to recall what He has done for us, especially when difficult times come, and our faith is depleted.  It is good to remember the faithfulness of God. 
  5. Write tentative plans for 2023.  Take note of the word ‘tentative’ because our God has His own plans for our lives, and we must be swift to superimpose His plans over ours because He always has the best plans for our lives.  Include the impossible because we serve the God of the impossible. 
  6. Categorize these goals into groups.  This gives us an opportunity to first notice where we have focused our goals and secondly perhaps the aspect of our lives that need more attention.   
  7. Break down these major goals into smaller, monthly goals. Smaller bits help to achieve the main goals.  
  8. ‘Go until God says to stop’; this a a phrase one our daughters’ Bible professors told them. At times we allow fear and anxiety to hinder our progress or to stop us altogether from accomplishing our goals.  Go until the Lord says to stop.  

The beauty of a new year it’s it’s unwritten pages.  The belief that I can do and be anything; a new year provides the opportunity to do and be better than the year before.  A new year says become more like Christ, allow Him to continue to weave the threads of His most precious tapestry which is life.  Talk to the Lord, spend time with Him, then start the project, complete the venture. Go until He says to stop.  What are some of your goals for 2023? 

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41 responses to “GO…’TILL HE SAYS STOP!”

  1. Your break was well spent, thanks for your refreshing thoughts. I had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas, even the traveling aspect obliged and I spent time reflecting on the birth of Christ, Truth, happening every second, every tiny, amazing miracle of grace.

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  2. I also took a break, but it lasted more than a year! Now I’m glad to be back and to have found your blog again ❤️ My goals for 2023 are less spending, more gratitude, and more time with my family! Best to you in this new year 😊

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  3. welcome back and happy new year to you. The advice to set some goals has encouraged me today, otherwise I find the busy calls on time take over and my wish-list remains simply that. But meanwhile continue with what He’s already told me to do. Thank you, Brenda. x

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  4. “Go until the Lord says stop!” Thank you for that wisdom, Brenda. I’m working on a long-term project and at times become discouraged, wondering if this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my time. Yes, I’ve received affirmations along the way, but doubts still plague me from time to time. This post feels like fresh assurance, just right for the beginning of a new year (while working on the same old project!!)

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  5. Glad you are back – I missed you. Great suggestions for the new year. I spent Christmas in bed with Covid. My husband and my daughter and her family too. So for us no gift exchange, no family time. It gave us a chance to really reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. We hope to get together this weekend and do our Christmas exchange. But even without all the “normal” Christmas events my husband and I were thankful for what this day really means.

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    • Amen 🙏🏽 without that birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there would be no salvation. I’m sorry to hear you spent that festive time in bed, but thankful you get to spend time with the family. Time is our most precious gift 🎁

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