Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? My week has been busy, how was yours’?  Anna and I have taken on a painting project (pray for her; she is doing most of the painting, I’m doing most of the cleaning, because…. well, if you know anything about me, you should know why).  I just don’t understand why painting one room sends every other room into disruption! It boggles the mind how ‘mess’ can infiltrate an entire floor to just paint one (one!) room! What was I thinking? Well…actually… hubby took way to long to get started, so I decided to ‘help’.  What does your week look like; anything like mine? 

For much of my life, I’ve spent the most time between two spaces: church or home.  At various times, I’ve spent more time at or in church than I spent at home.  Because of the amount of time, I’ve spent at church and in the Word of God, I’ve gained ‘knowledge’ albeit limited and at times with limited understanding, about God’s Word.  

When we’ve walked with the Lord a long time, He makes us look good.  Time with Him allows us to put on more and more of His character.  We learn to be kind to others, to be quick to offer compassion.  We learn to be cheerful in our giving and extend mercy to others. Joy, even in the face of sorrow, although not necessarily instant, is eventually, on display in our lives.  We’ve learned along the way to encourage and build up and also along the way, we’ve learned to expect the same from those who say, they are Christians. Believe it or not, sometimes those who love us least, are Christians like us.

I’ve come to the conclusion that for most of us christians, especially those of us who have walked with the Lord awhile, find it easier to extend much forgiveness and much grace to unbelievers than it is to Christians, simply because we expect more from those who claim to be christians.  Isn’t that something? When I was younger, I absolutely disliked admonishment and corrections from others, and I most definitely did not appreciate it from those who came with an attitude of superiority. It’s never too hard to find faults with others, is it? Including the one who came to correct or admonish.  I’ve also come to the conclusion, that truth remains true, in spite of the bearer and it it always to my benefit to go in with an attitude adjustment.  

Pride is a besetting of most Christians, I think.  Simply because God makes us look good. After a while, we begin to confuse His work and take His glory as our own.  The compliments of others begin to go to our head and comparison begins.  It’s hard when I compare my life with others to think there is anything wrong with me.  I can always find someone whose life ‘needs work’.  I am really not that bad, when I compare my life with someone else’s. After all I don’t do this nor do I do that, like this person.  Of course, I am not perfect, BUT

Comparison does one of two things; makes us think we are better than others or we may think we are worse than others.  The outcome depends on who we think we are compared to who we think they are.  The result is very rarely flattering or healthy; not for us nor for others. 

Throughout the Word of God, we are reminded again and again that people are not the standard.  Yet churches are fraught with bitter, discontented, and angry people because of our jealousy and envy. We fail to love others because our eyes are fixed on the possessions or on the seemingly perfection of their lives.  Haven’t we lived long enough to know that no life here, is perfect? Don’t we already know that no life is without trials and problems? Do we want the unknown problems of their lives along with whatever blessings they may seemingly have obtained? Will we take the good but not he bad? 

Today I choose to pray for you, because I know that trials are part of life, and you are not without them. I choose to cherish the price that was paid for my sins. I choose to bask in the unfailing, unwavering love of Christ.  I choose to be contented with all that the Lord has blessed me.  I choose to name them one by one, because I am prone to forget, when my eyes slip.  I choose to say ‘thank You, Lord’ because Your work in me is not done.  I choose the Word of God as my standard, it equalizes everyone. Let’s remind ourselves that people are not the standard! 


Because of the presence of the God of the Universe in my life, He makes me look good. I am because He is! How are you today?

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35 responses to “YOU..ME…AND US…”

  1. Ah, we have been doing a lot of painting this fall, sprucing things up to sell the house. It feels so fresh and good, I wonder, why could we not have been motivated to finish our projects faster just for our own enjoyment?
    “When we’ve walked with the Lord a long time, He makes us look good.” This is so true, and yes, comparison is a very unhealthy practice, no matter what our angle is. I’m glad God doesn’t leave me unfinished, like so many of my projects. He is in my present and He is in my future…He sees His finished work in me. That is an amazing thing to consider.

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  2. A very good blog. The need for graciousness, consideration, compassion, forgiveness is paramount in the church. It is a hard balancing act to go to a brother or sister with exhortation or admonishment and yet stay humble and loving in the process. Oh, that the Spirit would help us there.

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  3. I like the point you made about comparisons. It’s important to keep our eyes on Jesus. He has a unique plan for each of us. No need to compare ourselves to others. Thanks Brenda.

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  4. I have been busy – helping my husband clean and paint a space at our local mall to get ready to open a place to showcase his paintings. Also helped my church turn our facility into a “Candy Land” for our community for last Monday’s events. I was raised in a very legalistic church and was very good at judging others who did not meet my requirements. Thankfully years ago God opened my eyes to see I was like the Pharisees – had the outside looking good but inside was full of unforgiveness and envy. When I hear testimonies of those set free from addition or other “big” sins, I know I probably had the biggest sin – self-righteousness. Jesus never condemned the sinner, but he had much negative to say about the self-righteous of His day.

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  5. This a timely post Brenda; I believe we all struggle with comparison and pride. It is true that choosing contentment, counting blessings, and focusing on God; make one realize what is really important in life. 💗🌺

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  6. Seems you hit a lot of us “nails” on our heads today. . . but don’t let that go to YOUR head! 😂
    Please keep me in your prayers as the Holy Ghost told me to join my HOA board, and it’s a sticky wicket. One of the board members tried to keep me off the board with some obscure regulations and illogical reasoning. He even had the HOA’s lawyer weigh in on my “ineligibility” until he found out that the use of the regulation actually validated my eligibility.
    Father is telling me to “heap coals of fire on his head” in kindness to show him that Jesus loves him. Easier to do when I describe it to someone else; not so easy when I have to DO it. 😌
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.
    P.S. Just so you know, “heaping coals of fire” is an act of kindness, not vengeance. Fire was a valuable commodity in the day when Solomon wrote this! 😉

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    • Praying for you, my friend. I do pray that you get that opportunity to be on the board. And indeed ‘heaping coals on fire 🔥’ is acts of kindness from us to them. It has to be, or else we would be acting just like them and unfortunately (especially for me) usually that’s the easy road 🥰😂

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      • Well, I am in the board, but the attitude of the leftover board members is to steamroll ahead with plans the old board made without informing the neighborhood, because they know some will oppose their plans.
        But it “feels” underhanded, like once done, no one will be able to object.
        We are supposed to serve the entire neighborhood, not just cram what the board wants to do down their throats. 😔

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  7. Guilty of the comparison game as well, it feels like a trap!! From envy to pride. Thankful the Lord’s word guides and directs us in Jesus’ ways so we can walk obediently..BUT we must choose to do so!!

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  8. Oh, how well do I know the comparison trap. I found out that losing to others as my standard was all pride because the emphasis was on me not God. Living by my standards instead of his. He constantly challenges me to lean on him and make him my focus!

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  9. “truth remains true, in spite of the bearer” – and ouch, sometimes this hurts.
    And too often we are unable to see our own weaknesses. Sometimes God will gently (or not so gently) come alongside and reveal a sin to us; sometimes a loved one will drop a hint in our ears; sometimes someone will blast us out of the blue. I think of David, running from Absalom, and he was accosted by Shimei (2 Sam 16.5-13): David accepted Shimei’s curses as from the Lord.
    We need to be open to God’s messages to us. I’ve had the idea, as part of a Ladies Retreat, for the participants to write another participant’s name (or a list of names). Alongside the name(s), write what blesses you about that person, and what drives you nuts (aka a gentle pointing out of an obvious sin) about that person. If all participants agree to this activity, it could be done anonymously, or could be facilitated as an act of love among sisters in Christ. We are to be accountable one to another; this could be too scary an activity, but it could spark some ideas to even talk about such things.

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    • I love this idea although I can certainly anticipate that some may be offended 🥰 prayerfully it would be accepted even though; praying for you, my friend. I do not like to be admonished but I especially don’t like it when the person does it in superiority manner 🫢🫢 but the Lord truly desires me to grow and I must see this as learning

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  10. This is a good word! I’ve been busy, too – new job, senior photo shoots, church and ministry activities – all of which can make me prone to the very pride you write about. By God’s grace, He keeps me humble despite my leanings. ❤


  11. Sounds like a busy week for you. And I like your recognition that comparing ourselves to others in the world is not supposed to be our yardstick. We are pressing on to be more like Jesus, not more like each other. Good post!

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  12. I can totally relate. I’ve done way too much comparing myself to others, sometimes I came out ahead, other times I came out thinking my life was missing something or that I was not as good as them. Once I was very convicted by an article about Christians that are always ‘evaluating’ others. I knew God was telling me I had a critical spirit. But it’s a hard habit to break when you are insecure. First I had to learn to trust God more. The saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” is so true. Instead we should love God and love others and leave judging to God. Have a blessed first day of November, my friend!

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