Hey friends, how are you today? I know, I know, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me.  As a matter of fact, it’s been almost a month since the last post.  Forgive me? The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy in my neck of the woods.  I’ve had a tooth infection, I’ve been sick (again) and (again) I thought it was COVID, but fortunately (again) not.  And then we attended the True Woman conference in Indiana, which was everything my heart needed and then I returned home and then guess what? The tooth had to be addressed and then I was sick again.  Well, after a month of ups and downs, it’s good to be back.  How are you doing? Today, how are you? 

In our Ladies class for Sunday school, we are in the process of dissecting the topic of Perfect Peace.  Do you know, the first emotion that usually comes after and of course during a month of ups and downs? Well usually it’s not peace, that’s for sure.  Panic, anxiety, fear, perhaps annoyance and frustration because I hadn’t planned on these debilitating illnesses.  I needed to be well because my plans did not include any time off.  This topic, Perfect Peace, certainly came at the right time.  The Word of God is life, isn’t it? 

Can peace be found in any circumstance, in spite of place, people or thing? Should my foundation be so shaken that I lose sight of God’s perfect peace? As we studied this topic, a few facts came to mind.

  • Jesus is the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) Peace isn’t a place.  I love nature and especially this time of the year, with fall colors in full bloom is simple amazing.  The reds, greens, and golds of the trees, especially as the sun rises or sets reveal the fact that our God loves beauty.  But perfect peace isn’t found in nature.
  • God’s peace is permanent. (John 14:27) We have been told that no one and no thing can take away our peace, which is the absolute truth.  But we can surrender our peace to some one or some thing.  We can allow our circumstances to rob us of our peace when we give fear and anxiety and frustration and even anger and unforgiveness’ control and the victory in our lives.  Peace hasn’t gone away, but Peace isn’t active because my eyes are on my waves. Fear and anxiety has turned the ripples into a tsunami.  
  • Peace is a state of mind as well as it is an emotion. ( Romans 8:6) Our God very rarely deals with ‘mere’ emotions.  Of course, our emotions are very real, but they ebb and flow just like the tide.  Peace can remain constant in spite of the waves of life because Peace is Jesus.  This battle between the enemy of our souls and the God of the Universe is for our minds.  We’ve surrendered our hearts to Jesus, but our minds are under attack.  Because what I think, says what I believe, and what I believe battles with my thoughts; the winner determines my actions.  
  • The Word of God is life and heralds’ peace.(Psalm 119:165)  When the curveball of life wants to initiate fear and anxiety, the mantra of God’s Word sends these ‘fiery darts’ from whence they came.  The life of a Christian is lived intentionally and deliberately. This is the time; the memorization of God’s Words comes to mind.  The enemy of our souls very rarely attacks when our Bibles are open.  Usually, the attack comes when it’s closed and we are living life, but we retaliate when we remember what the God of the Universe says in His Word, even when a Bible isn’t available at the time.  Psalm 23 is a good one to memorize. 
  • Trust is a very needed component of peace. (Psalm 34:14) When peace is no where to be found, it’s because trust was never implemented. In order to ‘rest in peace’, I need to trust that my God is bigger, stronger, mightier, and more powerful.  I need to trust that He is good, and He always does good.  I need to trust that He loves me unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly. I need to trust Him far more than I trust Him for this and that.

When the sun shines and life is beautiful, we want to believe that peace exist, but the true test of peace comes when life throws us the ‘uglies’.   How do I react when life throws me a curveball? Truthfully, usually it’s time that brings the discouragement.  When trials, tribulations, and troubles arise, my first instinct is to run to my Father.  But my issue is I always want Him to solve my problem now.  Yes, yes, I am part of the ‘instant society club’.  Except I’ve come to realization that God is never in a hurry, is He? I think I am always out of time, while He knows exactly how much time I have.  He is good, He is good, He is good.  He does good, He does good, He does good. Now I just have to believe that.  How are you? How was your September?

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33 responses to “PIECES OF PEACE”

  1. It feels like a Catch 22 thing. He keeps those who minds are stayed on him in perfect peace and yet when we go through the struggles and upheavals of life, it makes it harder to keep our minds stayed on him.

    However, he is rich in mercy and gives us fresh starts each day 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry for all you have been going through. I know it’s difficult when things happen at inopportune times (but then again, I guess there is really no opportune time). I pray daily for you and yours.

    Thank you for this post, I really needed it. I have had a very trying time lately, with additional hospitalizations, possible upcoming surgery and lots of pain. I don’t forget to pray, but I forget that peace and calm are there for the asking.


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  3. Hi Brenda, I loved this post. I’m sorry to hear that the past month has been such a challenge, but it gives me joy to see how the trials have sent you deeper into God’s word and that He has given you an experiential understanding of true peace. You said, “The enemy of our souls very rarely attacks when our Bibles are open.” I think it can seem this way, but it isn’t always true–if we are in God’s word, we recognize the invitation to sin and we are more apt to immediately dismiss what we know isn’t truth because lies are obvious to us when we’ve been brushing up on what God says. On the other hand, the most intense warfare I have fought was in the season of greatest growth, and I believe that is because the enemy can recognize when we are becoming a threat. He will try to knock us down, cause us to be discouraged, or push us to the verge of overthrow… that is what the word “sifted” means… pushed to the verge of overthrow. We need to remember we are in a war, and never get too comfortable/ never let down our guard.

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  4. I LOVE Isaiah 26.3; and v 4 goes so well with it: “Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.”
    Good to see you again, and praying your health is stable and good.

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