Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? It’s been a good week.  We had rain, we’ve had sunshine.  But thankfully, the temperature has remained consistently with summertime, praise the Lord.  I admit just the thought of winter gives me the chills.   Because though, winter is inevitable, I choose to enjoy each summer day.  Each warm day whether it comes with thunderstorms or sunshine is a beautiful day in my neck of the woods, especially now as the Great NY State Fair is going on.  I’m not usually a fan of crowds, but summer isn’t complete without at most, one day at the fair.  I like to find that one shaded spot with seats and people watch, which is the best part of the fair.  So many people, in all shapes and sizes, of all shades and ethnicity, surely our God must love beauty.  Because each of the million plus people that attend the fair throughout the next few days is loved by the God of the universe.  Each was created in His image, and He placed worth on everyone of them.  So many people from so many places, yet the God of the universe knows them intimately including their names.  Collectively as a people, not one single thought escapes Him, He is aware of every single action.  Yep, gimme that God.  

In my neighborhood, there is this very talented person who makes bird houses.  I have absolutely no information about him(?). Here are a few photos I took with my trusty camera as I walked along our little boulevard. 

How are you really? What are your plans for today? Do you have quirky objects like these in your neighborhood?

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17 responses to “SHAPES AND SIZES”

  1. Such intriguing birdhouses! I especially love the one that looks like half-a-dozen or so little houses mashed together. Such wonderful colors! Thanks for taking the pics and posting them, Brenda!

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  2. God is an awesome creator, we see His beauty in people and nature everyday…never want to take that for granted!!

    And what sweet birdhouses—I’m reminded how God gives each of us unique talents as well!!! Thanks for sharing those pics!!

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