Hey friends, how are you today? It’s another beautiful day in my neighborhood.  Presently, it is raining with the whisper of thunder in the distance.   I love it.   It has been raining consistently for the past three days and my heart is happy.  If I didn’t think my neighbors would think me absolutely crazy, I’d go ‘dancing in the rain’.  I love days like these; dark, cloudy, wet days.  Days made especially for cuddles and comfort and cozies, damp, drizzly days. Days that remind me that God is God and there is none comparable to Him.  Days that remind me that whether I think Him good because of the dark clouds, metaphorically or physically doesn’t change the reality of the truth: He is always good.   It is because of the rain, the grass is literally greener, the birds are louder because there are less people outside.  Let it rain, Lord, let it rain. Let it rain today because the sun will come up in the morning.  Can you tell, I like the rain?

The rains usually remind me of the goodness of my Creator God. Now to transfer that knowledge into action when difficult, dangerous, disappointing, discouraging times enter my life. Even now, the sun is desperately trying to break through the dark, heavy clouds; a game of hide and seek.  A gentle reminder that we are not forgotten that hope is God’s gift to mankind.   

Hope in His presence for He promises to ‘never leave us nor forsake us’(Hebrews 13:5).  Hope in His strength, for again He promised us His perfect ‘strength in our weaknesses’ (2 Corinthians 12:9).   Hope that He will always be faithful even when we fail to be so ourselves (2 Timothy 2:13).   Hope that if we seek, peace, joy and rest can be found in His presence.   Hope that when He forgives, He truly takes it as ‘far east is from the west’(Psalm 103:12).  Hope in the truths of His Word, hope that when we put our trust in His promises, He will keep His Word.  

When we lose hope, especially in the Lord, life ceases to be worthy and fulfillment is so very temporary.  Hope in the Lord allows us to take our eyes off our circumstances and off the desperate, perhaps despairing, and distressed events that threaten to overwhelm us.  Hope reminds us of His promises, perhaps we have to repeat these promises over and over again until we believe them. 

Hope gives us confidence for we’ve learned not to put our trust in the visible because we know that even our eyes tell lies.  We are reminded when we hope in the Lord those emotions, although they have their place, after all, even ‘Jesus wept(John 11:35).that emotions can’t be trusted either.  They are so very fickle, here today, gone tomorrow.  

Sometimes, when the voices of our emotions and perhaps even that of our friends and family cause our hope to falter, we have to remind ourselves “why so downcast, oh my soul, put your hope in God” (Psalm 42:5).  It is there that indestructible hope lies, it is in His presence, true rest from the wearies and worries of the world, we can find peace and joy.  

He gives grace upon grace and shows us mercy upon mercy.  He pours out His unfailing, unwavering, unconditional love so far and so wide and so high and so deep until it fills every crevice, every nook, every cranny of our lives.  He does this again and again and again and again until it becomes almost second nature to us to believe that love, to trust His Word, to hold on to that hope in spite of what our eyes say, in spite of what our emotions convey, in spite of what people tell us.

In Him, we are complete, through Him we have our being, from Him there is peace and joy until it overflows and encompasses those around us.  

The sun is out once more, so bright the drops of rain on the grass appear like glittering diamonds on the ground.  The skies are blue once again, a reminder of the faithfulness and the graciousness of the Creator God.  Even the cicadas once again sing their summer song.  Every day will not bring rain, just like life will not always be a brilliant, bright, beaming place.  Somedays will be dark, dreary, and dull but we can have ‘sunshine in our souls’ in spite of the rain because our hope is in the Lord.  

How are you today? Do you like the rain? What comes to mind when it rains?

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28 responses to “LET IT RAIN AND RAIN…”

  1. We have been in a drought so the rain early this week, made me feel like dancing. I do enjoy the rain, it’s refreshing, and revives the trees and plants. God is good! 😊💖🌺

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  2. I do like the rain: soft gentle rain, thunder-bangers, whatever. Just not floods. 😳
    God has given me His powerful hope ever since He grabbed hold of me. And yes, I have needed it. He’s been there, holding me, through dark times and light. He has given me the assurance that I can always, always, run to Him.

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  3. Ya know, from Adam to Noah people lived hundreds of years… because “a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground.” I.e., no rain, but NO direct sunshine.
    Do a chronology chart of Genesis 5 and 11 and you’ll see the value of clouds! 😉
    “Course, some could say that it also might reflect the value of vegetarianism, but that’s a hard sell for me! 😁
    ❤️& 🙏 when we “go by Schenectady,” c.a.

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  4. Once again, your post has put me on SHOUTIN’ ground!! AMEN!!

    And I’m reminded of some songs: His eye is on the sparrow….; and Consider the lilies… And another song that says His love and mercy and caring is “…so high, you can’t get over it, so wide, you can’t get around it, so deep, you can’t get under it…” HE is the DOOR that leads to salvation, redemption, perfect peace, and eternity with HIM in Heaven!! Hallelujah!!!!

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