Hey friends, how are you today? I sometimes need to remind myself that today matters.  This day; today matters.  This beautiful, sunny, 83° but because of the humidity, and in spite of last night’s thunderstorm; feels like 90° day, matters. It matters because the Lord engineered this day, with all its events and activities and people and weather just for me.  He ordered it and supplied me with all I need for just this day.  I look back on the past, but not to linger too long, just to be thankful that I am here, in today.  And though I try to gaze into the future, I can’t see very far because how I live today will determine my future.   So today, we choose to rejoice and be glad in this day, because the Creator of the Universe tailor-made this day just for you and me.  

Right now, we will look back to July 4th, 2022.  Every Independence Day, our family explore some part of our state.  We’ve been to Niagara Falls on the west and the Adirondacks in the east and to quite a few places in between.  Throughout the years, we’ve trekked to quite a few waterfalls and climbed many a mountain. This is the one day everyone (willingly?) lays down their devices (you know who I’m talking about) to explore God’s finest handiwork (well apart from people anyway, because we both know that you and I make the Lord’s very good work).  

For some reason this year, some people, (I will not name) conveniently forgot our annual trip. But never fear, thankfully I had two places we had not yet visited. Because we ran late on that day, we choose to stay closer home and visited Clark Reservation State Park because it is literally in our back yard.  It is absolutely beautiful, even Mr. Woody, woodpecker thanked us for our visit because he stayed still while I took that photo.  I took my trusty camera with its extended lens and of course because I am a very much novice photographer, my handsome hubby helped a sister to figure out the configurations.  The girls, impatient as (not me) went on ahead, so we took different paths.  If ever you decide to visit, here are a few sights you are bound to see. 

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19 responses to “TODAY AND YESTERDAY”

  1. Beautiful photos!! God has blessed us with such amazing places to visit and explore. I’m amazed at the wide variety of landscapes just in our own country even…He is indeed creative and giving, as we have the opportunity to enjoy such impressive sights.

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  2. Beautiful scenery. I know you are looking for bears on your nature walks 🙂
    impatient as (not you) Who could that be? Your husband? the poor fellow has spent a lifetime waiting for three women lol

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