Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Belated Fathers’ Day greetings to all the fathers on this web space.   And because my present and future, in fact, even my ‘presence’ here on this platform is very linked to the past, I celebrate Juneteenth.  I owe my freedom to live and move as I ‘see fit’ to the sacrifices of those that have gone before me.  May I live worthy of their sacrifice.  But the true cost of my freedom indeed went beyond what mere man could do for me.  The freedom to truly experience life to its fullest cost the Son of God His life, which liberated me from the bondage and the penalty of my own sin.  To Him, I owe my very life.  May I live worthy of His sacrifice.  

It’s a good era to be alive, isn’t it? Of course, because time traveling only occurs on television, the history books provide a link to the past.  They supply us with information (usually told from the author’s point of view) about the life and the worldview of the people of the past. It’s important to know the past, it gives insight into the future.  

We know we live longer lives today than those of the past. Primarily because of medicine and the knowledge of the human body which of course was built on the foundation laid by those of the past. Technology today shrank our world, so that the happenings on the various continents reach us within minutes of their occurrence.  Today I enjoy more freedom than those who went before me.  While we homeschooled, when the girls were younger, we visited the Harriet Tubman House which isn’t too far away from us.  Of course, we read her story and while there the girls re-enacted parts of her life.  The past links us to our identity.  

How many times do I think that today affords me a different outcome for the activities and the issues that plagued my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents? I could choose to learn from them, or I could ignore what I know about their lives and make the same mistakes their did with the very same outcome in spite of the era in which I live.  The past has a way of repeating itself when we don’t learn from it. Human pride in our own humanity keeps us from applying what we know to be true.

There is a beautiful song sung by Point of Grace called ‘Heal the Wound’.  The chorus begins with these words ‘heal the wound, but leave the scars; a reminder of how merciful You are…”  I absolutely love this song.  The scars of the past should teach me about my frailty.  My life is but a vapor…

Today I live a life that is unfolding as I live it, but that story has already been written.  Every breath, every footstep has already been told, even before I live it.   Each generation knows a bit more, builds a bit more, than the generation before and that’s as it should be growth should take place.  But pride keeps us from learning.  Sometimes, we make the same jumps, walk the same paths, and expect a different outcome because we think who we are makes a difference.  We trust ourselves when it has been proven again and again that we can’t be trusted. So, we make the same mistakes…

But that’s the problem with mankind today, we read the history books without reading the Bible, which is His Story accurately told.  Truth is found in the words of God.  When the historical books of the past make our only attempt into who we are, we will keep repeating the mistakes of the past.  

The Word of God tells of the very beginning of mankind.  It tells of the fall of man and his depravity. It provides us with examples of lives lived before us and gives us the outcome of the choices they made while they lived.  It tells us who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  It tells us about our nature and our tendencies.  We are selfish and self-centered, yes, we have been told.  We have an enemy who desires our souls.  The Bible also tells us the solution to our problems today.  It tells us of the One, Who gave His life as a sacrifice for our freedom.  It tells us how we should live in order to enjoy true liberty in this world, and it tells us how this world will end. 

If our desire is to know the history of man, we read the Bible.  The words are true, its AUTHOR is true because He is TRUTH.  Everything I need to know about me; my past, my present and my future is found in the Bible.  It is time for us to familiarize ourselves with His Story.  If the history book does not align itself with the Bible; the Bible remains true.

How often do you read the Bible? Is it a daily practice, in season and out of season?

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  1. I love your statement that the past will repeat itself if we do not learn from it. I pray that our nation will not repeat some of the ugliness from the past. My husband and I read the Bible each morning before we begin the day. We take one book and read through it. I am thankful that we have the hope of Christ’s return.

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  2. A truth-filled post, Brenda. Most days I spend time in the Word, and I read it to my children, praying that they will develop a love for God and the scriptures. No matter how many times we read it, something new stands out. We can always learn. Praying for the people of our country, that they will also hunger to know God and read His truth that has the power to save and change hearts, lives and communities.

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  3. Our pride keeps us from learning and applying – yes true! At the root of pride is rebellion and no fear of God. But oh the joy in having that humility before God and learning from our past and the pasts of previous generations. Great post!

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  4. Amen!!! In our church service this past Sunday we talked about fathers etc (King David and Absalom’s relationship) and just the idea of ensuring that we set good Biblical principles in our homes so we can pass down God’s love rather than falling into turmoil and cutting the opportunity we have in sharing His word with the next generation. We’ve gotta be in the word, knowing who He is and who we are in Him…from there it’s easy to fall in love with God.
    I’ll have to check out that song!😉

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  5. If you could time travel, you could go back to the time of saber tooth tigers and wooly mammoths. It would be fun for you to play with them lol

    In our techie world, we do not appreciate the legacy of those who came before us enough. I love the old classics such a Spurgeon and C.S. Lewis.

    Also in the good old days, we did not use plastic for everything like liters of coke. We had 8 packs of bottles that could be recycled. Just a thought.

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  6. “But that’s the problem with mankind today, we read the history books without reading the Bible….When the historical books of the past make our only attempt into who we are, we will keep repeating the mistakes of the past.”

    Well said! The Bible IS TRUTH! Amen!

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  7. Brenda, there is so much wisdom, truth, and love in your words. Yes! Begin with the Bible (every morning for me)! Your perspective on your life and its freedom is so beautiful and poignant. God bless you! 💛

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