Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? It is a fabulous day in my neighborhood. Our temperature will rise to 86°. Oh yes, I like it! We’ve moved right into summer, friends.  It looks like summer, it feels like summer, it acts like summer, then it must be summer! Although last week, it was definitely spring and next week, it looks like spring too, but today, today is what matters. Today matters, because that’s the best way to live life; one day at a time.  Today comes with its cup overflowing with love, joy, peace just for you.  Today’s cup has your name on it and it’s filled with its quota of grace and mercy, sufficient for today.  The Lord has sent us today and it’s purpose is for us to glorify the Lord with our words, with our actions, with our thoughts. But we’ve not been left on our own to accomplish this; we have the Holy Spirit of God to be our Helper, because (guess what?) we can’t bring our God glory without His help.  

As I said, in this post, we’ve been all over the place and of course my trusty camera and phone came with me. We do know (yes) that beauty begins with the Lord.

April brought us all four seasons beautifully displaying the glory of God. Prayerfully though, May, unlike me, will be cool, calm and collected. What is one thing, you enjoyed during the month of April?

20 responses to “APRIL IN PHOTOS”

  1. Beautiful!! I love the wood pecker in the tree, he’s pretty serious about his work!!

    April brought some very windy days into our neck of the woods, it was too dry and some fires caused havoc and heartache in our area. But May has come with some rain showers, refreshing colors and gentle temps.❤️

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  2. Enjoyed the pics. April’s weather was crazy here. Looked like spring was here – and then it was cold again. Finally we seem to have skipped spring just gone from winter to summer. But I’m loving all the flowers and trees in bloom. Always reminds me of the resurrection. While once looked dead is now alive and beautiful!

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  3. My anniversary, visiting my son and grandson for their birthdays and seeing author Brenda Novak in North Carolina. I know you said one thing…but April was a month filled with blessings!

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  4. Nice photos, Brenda…I like the video of the woodpecker! We had cold weather in April with snow on Easter so grandkids hunted for eggs INDOORS 🙂 Now it’s summer, grass is green, and my garden coming up!

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