Hey friends, how are you today? It is a gorgeous day in my neighborhood. The birds are singing their songs, the squirrels are fighting over the acorns they had forgotten about, although they were still where they stored them during the winter.  The leaves are quickly covering all the empty spaces among the trees and today is my birthday.  Because He, the God of the Universe loves me abundantly, today just a few cirrus clouds grace the perfectly blue skies, there is an unobstructed view of a big, bright sun and today is my birthday.  That’s not all, our temperature will max out at almost 80°, with still low humidity; for this menopausal person, I am on knees with thanks to the Lord because heat along with hot flashes are not a good combination.  I suppose with that information you now have an idea of my age range and as a woman, I accept that prerogative of keeping the exact number my secret.   Today is my birthday. Oh! Did I already say that? I did, didn’t I? So… because today we won’t make it all about me; how are you? Did you miss me? I missed you.  

I know… I know… I know… I have been slacking on the job, please forgive me. Throughout just the past month and a half, we’ve been to the Apple City twice and then on to Ohio twice.  My poor husband definitely gets a medal because he alone does all the driving.  Cleo and I love being chauffeured.  Although, I must admit, to be absolutely truthful, which is what the Lord expects from me, I could have still written a post.  So, I suppose here I should actually begin with these five things you should know about me.  

  • I am a procrastinator. I do try not to be, especially as I get (older), but still… here we are, with this character flaw.  Our daughter (Cleo) loves to quote this proverb, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  The thing is… I do know that if I write it down, I will actually accomplish my tasks, but at times I store my tasks in my head.  If its in my head, the level of importance isn’t that great, so it may not be done.  Then to balance that out, I am stressed because most tasks come with a time limit and time is fleeting.  
  • I’m not a nice person.  I know most people who know me think I am, but I’m not.  By nature, I don’t like people much and perhaps left up to me, the only people around me would be those I’ve given my seal of approval. But the Lord won’t allow me to do that. As a matter of fact, He expressly forbids it, so with His help, I’m doing better.  I must admit though, the past two years have allowed me to take a few steps back.  But thankfully, because the God I serve is good and gracious to me, He won’t leave me there.
  • I love music, everything but country.  And guess who has lately found his love for country music? I mean country, country… like Jim Reeves country.  I mean, really? I give up. And can you imagine driving to NYC and Ohio listening to your grand mothers’ country music? But we forgive him because He grew up with his grandmother and we do kinda love him too and of course since he was the driver, he set the music.  Anyway, I love music, the louder the better.  My headphone tells my watch to tell me to lower the volume constantly. Lately, Natalie Grant’s live version of “How Great Thou Art” has been on repeat along with (dare I say it?) Point of Grace (look them up, if you are unfamiliar with the name, you will thank me later).  
  • When I was younger, I detested hymns. Yes! I know, right! Even my girls love hymns! But I (in my ignorance) thought hymns were old people’s music. Obviously, I had an issue with that age thing. But now, hymns and I have a ‘thing going on’.  I find myself singing these old songs of faith more frequently, especially as I get older.  They cause me to think about the Lord and His goodness, and His grace.  They cause me to be thankful for His mercy, they cause me to bask in His faithfulness toward me.  Yep! Hymns and I have made our peace with each other.
  • I love the Lord. Yes, I know it sounds like an old cliché, but I do love the Lord.  Of course, that’s only possible because He loved me first and because He loves me most.  I love Him because He has blessed me abundantly. He has blessed me far more than I ever imagined when I first accepted Him as my Savior, many birthdays ago.  On Saturday, we celebrated our baby’s accomplishment. She graduated with honors with an Early Childhood degree.  On Sunday, I celebrated Mother’s Day with two of the world’s best girls, who decided to go into the same profession as their mom, even after being homeschooled themselves.  I am married to the best man with almost twenty-eight years under our belt.  I have more clothes and shoes and handbags that my almost new closet can hold (but that’s our secret).  I am surrounded by people who love me.  Yes… my Lord has blessed me abundantly. 

Today is my birthday and I want to invite you to celebrate with me.  What are you most thankful for today? We are also having a party on Instagram, join me over there too.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! But still celebrating you regardless of the date!!! The Lord is good indeed and has blessed you abundantly…I’m thinking of the sweet song, “count your many blessings name them one by one..”❤️

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  2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Brenda! Couldn’t help but notice a few more things we have in common from this post: 1) HOT FLASHES! They are such a nuisance. The best relief I’ve found is a neck wrap, kept in the freezer until needed. Of course, that doesn’t help when I’m out and about! 2) Country music. For the most part, it just doesn’t touch my heart. (Neither does overly-repetitious contemporary praise music.) 3) Introvert tendencies. Yes, give me a quiet evening at home over a party any weekend!

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  3. Happy birthday! I am also thankful that in Michigan the sun is now shining and we are in the 70’s. I also do not like country music. My son-in-law loves it and is always teasing me by singing a song to me. I was glad to see your post because I missed you and was hoping all was well with you and yours. Congrats on your daughter’s achivement.

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  4. Happy birthday!
    I get the music, though my dislike is more to 95% of rap or modern country. As an autistic, I would love to limit my human interaction to a limited few and tell the rest to go away. I do my best to treat people as Christ calls me to even when they make absolutely no sense to me.

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  5. Well, happy birthday!!! I love the joy I read in your post, and I’m glad for you that God gave you the eyes to see (and the heart to appreciate) the blessings He has just for you.
    It’s lovely to see you back. God bless you.

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  6. Happy Birthday!💐
    I think today I am most thankful for simple things like the flowers blooming and the sun shining!

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  7. Happy Birthday, Brenda!!! You know what follows country music? BLUEGRASS!! LOL (Hey, I like bluegrass gospel! — cuz I’m an OLD guy! — and I like Handel’s Messiah, too.) I hope you have a blessed and joyful day!

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  8. Happy birthday! I love how you shared your personal things! Multiple items I share with you as well, and although I don’t typically share my age, I will if asked. Kind of a badge of honor, at this point! Oh, you want to know too? I have experienced 65.5 years of life and although my body is betraying my thoughts (my mind: I can do this, my body: I dare you!), and some of the years have been hard or I wish were different, I love my life too. The best part of my life was the day I said “yes” to Jesus because that made my everlasting life the best! I pray your birthday is fabulous and filled with lots of love and your eyes continue to bask on all the special gifts He gave today, just for you!

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