Hey friends, how are you today? I have decided to enjoy this fabulous day today, though there are winter warnings up for most of the day.  Already we have a few inches of snow on the ground when yesterday looked and felt like the beginning of a sunny, bright but cold spring day.  But that was yesterday, and this is today.  So, today will be a good day because my God still sits on His Mighty (weather controlling) throne.   Today, I give up my role as the general manager of the universe. I surrender that title with its job description over to the One it belongs to, the Almighty God of the Universe.  How are you today? What are your plans for this day?   

Earlier this week, I had a doctor’s appointment; you know the older you get, the more you frequent the doctors’ offices unfortunately, (but I digress, but to the point).  This was one of the reasons my Tuesday’s post was not published.  Of course, the fact that it was not written could also be the other reason, but anyway, that was (yesterday) this is today. I took the opportunity while I was out to take some photographs of my beautiful city.  I think I may have shared that I am taking a photography class, with a real camera (a thing of the past with phone cameras today, but again, I digress).  

On that day it was almost 60° (can you believe it?) the sun was doing its best to impress me and everyone was polite because perhaps, they incorrectly assumed I was a tourist.  I mean, who else goes around town with a camera around her neck and a backpack on her back? So, I became a tourist for the day, fiddled around with my camera settings, trying to remember all that I learned in class.  To the onlooker, it may have seemed I was a professional, if only they knew… Anyway, here are my camera photos of my day.  

I think I might try a drawing class next, although the truth is I can’t draw a straight line to save my life.  My husband says it’s because I can’t see straight but that’s his opinion of the matter.  What do you think, it is necessary to draw a straight line? Our first born has a minor in art, perhaps I will leave the art world to her, then again, perhaps not. How are you today? What are your plans for this day?   

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35 responses to “FEBRUARY IN PHOTOS”

  1. Great job! I think when we try to capture photos of our everyday surroundings and we’re fixed on getting just the right shot it really helps us value those things we might have grown used to.
    I remember taking senior pics of a gal a few years ago in our town and I thought we’d have a hard time finding unique backgrounds or we’d end up with the same scenery as everyone else graduating (and we sort of did) BUT having a sweet gal as my focal subject and a little creativity we came up with our own personal “artwork” and it turned out to be a fun experience!

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  2. How fun a drawing class would be Brenda! I enjoyed these pictures. I have been resting lately after learning I am dealing with a case of tendonitis. I will go see a orthopedist later this week and see what’s next but for now muscle relaxers and steroids for another few days. I am thankful they identified what it was. It’s been a rough few weeks of pain!

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  3. Love your photos, Brenda! And good for you with the photography! I love taking pictures. Always have. Even with my little pocket camera, which took some pretty nice photos, I might add! …and PS: take the art class! That’s on my retirement “to do” list! …first, I have to retire 😊 Side note: today my heart has been heavy with sadness for Ukraine 🙏💔😥

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  4. Take the art class – go for it! It will be a new experience and (along the lines of getting older), they say learning something new is one of the best ways to stay young.
    And keep on the the photography. My mom got into it in her 60’s, and turned out some pretty cool shots. She framed several of them, and they do look like artwork on her walls.

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  5. Love your photos, Brenda! Such beautiful architecture among the buildings you chose. We too live in an older city with a variety of eye-catching architecture. They knew how to build beautiful buildings back in the day! Too bad it’s cost-prohibitive to create such architecture today.

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  6. Love the pictures. I have always wanted to take photography classes. When we first moved to Michigan there was a photography group that met and shared ideas. I was going to join but then Covid hit. I have not seen anything about them restarting. Need to check into that. As for today, I’m staying inside. We got more snow last night and it is cold. Come on spring!

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