Hey friends, how are you today? How are you doing … really? We are already seven weeks into the new year, can you believe it? Sometimes I can hardly believe it, myself. Some days seem to move at the speed of light, while others seemingly drag on and on.   Although, that’s not exactly fair to the day, right?  Each day comes with exactly twenty-four hours; no more, no less.  The swiftness or slowness of the day depends on my actions or reactions to the events of that day.  I should always remember this one thing though; God is never in a hurry!

Don’t you wish, He would be at times? I hate to wait! Although for an island girl that’s laughable because I am never on time for anything.  Every event my husband and I attend, he gives me a running commentary of the time.  “Brenda, we have fifteen minutes… Brenda, we have ten minutes, …Brenda, we have FIVE MINUTES; ok now we’re late!”. Oh Lord, I can hear him in my head, as I prepare for work! 

Although I am rarely on time, goodness me, I hate to wait! I think it stems from that little control issue; we’ve talked about before.  I made the plans and I’ve given the Lord the plans along with the timeline.  “Ok, Lord, these are things I would like You to do for me and this is when I think it should be done.  I’ve looked it over and I do believe the timeframe is pretty good, if I do say so myself”.  

Except of course, the Lord just throws out the timeline and says, (quietly at first) “wait”. No explanations or anything… just “wait”.  So of course, I tell Him why I need this particular request within my specified timeframe and again He says “Wait” (just a little louder).   And then because I didn’t have an explanation and didn’t think He quite got the gravity of the situation; I pleaded my case again.  And being the Good God He is, He wanted to ensure I got the message, He said “WAIT”.  I couldn’t miss it this time because I’ve been asking for years now at this point. 

I sulked and threw a tantrum (but don’t tell the girls; that behavior was unacceptable when they were kids).  It took some time, but eventually I was able to say… “Thy will be done”.  

Are you any good at waiting? How do you do it? Are you presently waiting for something?

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  1. Yep! That waiting… like process… ugh. Love-hate relationship there. Am I right? hehehe But while we’re looking at our watches and maybe stomping our feet, there is God, coolly and calmly sending a ram up the other side of the mountain when we thought He didn’t hear us & wasn’t doing anything! His ways are not our own… and He doesn’t just see that big picture… He’s the artist of that big picture! Love how He does a thing (even when I don’t! hehehe)

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  2. I can’t remember the name of the movie (Hey, I’m old!) but Della Reese starred in it, and one of her lines is “Lord, I know vengence belongs to You, but sometimes I just wish you’d hurry up!”

    I watched my wife try on a coat for about 40 minutes one time – It was the last one there, and it fit her perfectly. I think somewhere about the 30-minute mark I started urging her to get it, especially if it was the ONLY ONE there!
    She finally did.

    Waiting – piece of cake! Waiting patiently?? Not so much!! But if we add expectation and anticipation in the mix – knowing that God WILL answer – waiting is always worth it (and a lot less stressful!!).

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  3. The older I get in the Lord the more I realise that it’s in the waiting that is precious time with Him (& not necessarily in the answer) if we but allow it to be.

    For the wait has many precious lessens of Faith to be discovered for eternity.

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