Hey friends, how are you doing today? It is another beautiful day in my neighborhood. Our temperature will raise to almost 80° today with bright, beautiful sunshine.  I love days like these; days of blue skies, warmth, and plenty of sunshine, certainly today does not feel like fall.  Although I enjoy the colors of autumn, it’s temperature on the hand, takes me a minute to adapt; well more than a minute, but you get my drift.  According to our local meteorologists, we should all enjoy this beautiful weather, with its abundance of sunshine, while we can because a cool, crisp 58° is on the horizon. What’s your weather like in your neck of the woods?  

My husband and I have been blessed with two of the most beautiful girls in the world (yep, I said it first).  Right now, the last attends a Christian university, the first-born lives at home and works as a teacher at a Christian school. These two girls have been surrounded with Christian living.  They were homeschooled, taught at home to love the Lord, and obey His Word.  They both attended a Christian university where daily chapel attendance is mandatory.  There, their education of both the spiritual and physical was taught and overall, they were given the biblical lens through which to view the world. Then the first born graduated, moved back to home and church where her walk with the Lord is encouraged and supported. That’s their story… so far….

I grew up with a similar story.  Although my home life was fraught with, (shall we say) “strife”, the Lord blessed me with an amazing mother, great siblings, and a wonderful church family filled with like minded friends.  I accepted the Lord as my Savior at a pretty young age and even as a child, I saw the Lord at work in my life.  He truly has blessed me.

One would suppose with such a ‘charmed’ life, obedience to the Word of God would become easier after a while.  It is surely easier to ‘love and trust’ the Lord in an environment that encourages and supports this way of life.  As parents, who know and love the Lord, that should always be the ultimate goal; to raise godly children. Nothing else is as important. 

With that said, obedience to the Lord is very rarely on the easy side, is it? Nothing is more difficult for us as Christians than to obey the Word of God.  Everything the Lord desires of us goes against our very nature.  He says love unconditionally, we love until… He says forgive; we would rather hold a grudge. He says to show mercy and extend grace, we would rather hold on to our pride.  He says be kind, we would rather be spiteful. And that’s on the glorious, bright, beautiful, sunshine days.  When we throw in the trials, tribulations, and tastings, well doing life the Lord’s way is almost impossible. 

As mature Christian folks, we have been mandated with the tasks of cultivating the faith of those younger, while we, ourselves, continue to grow.  Although as a body, we all head in the same direction, we each have an individual journey.  The girls along with their parents are on an individual journey of holiness.  We cannot live their lives for them, nor can they live life through their parents.  We all will individuality stand before the Holy and Righteous God, one day.  

Unfortunately, spiritual growth is perfected under pressure. It is through the trials, tribulations, and tastings of life, that faith in the Lord is strengthened or broken.  The Lord allows necessary problems to show us our need for Him because too many times, we are under the illusion that life can be lived without His interference.  

Those of us of mature faith have a responsibility to the younger ones, to live a legacy of holiness through obedience of the Word of God.  We need to crowd, surround, and encourage the faith of those weaker.  We need to provide an environment, through demonstration and teaching of godliness.

Although obedience is not easy and although I struggle in my walk with the Lord, I attribute my desire for godliness to the encouragement of my past and those around me.  I am this me, because of their work and prayers.  Those around me, supported and encouraged my walk with the Lord.  They pushed me into service and admonished me when I drifted.  Along the way, they stood in the gap for me again and again.  No, this life of righteousness is not easy, but godly people of God make is easier to love and trust the Lord.  Yes, this journey is individualistic, but it is together, we are victorious. I need you; you need me and at the very foundation lies the Word of God.  

I pray that my girls remain in an environment that encourages and supports their walk with the Lord.  I pray that others will prod and admonish them when they falter.  I pray that others will continue to stand in the gap for them. Will you stand for them?

May we care enough about others, to live a legacy that points them to Jesus Christ.  How are you today?

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26 responses to “BUT WILL YOU, THO?”

  1. First of all, I love the blue outfit!

    I pray for my children to grasp the things I teach them and to truly come to know Christ in a personal and honest way, but my mother heart aches at knowing they’ll go through trials, even if those trials draw them closer to God. At least I know that the Hands that hold them do so in a better manner than I ever could.

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  2. I rejoice you grew up with a mom who loves Jesus. It is wonderful your daughter is back home with you and teaching. She can go shopping with you and your husband can feel relieved he doesn’t need to go lol

    I think you are looking forward to cooler weather. Perhaps swimming? lol 🙂

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  3. AMEN, Brenda! I too am the product of those who invested in me: my parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders and more. I received a rich legacy indeed, and now dearly desire to provide the same for those around me–my grown children and their spouses, grandchildren, and the younger women at church–for starters. Prayer IS the foundation!

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  4. How interesting to meditate on the nature of man, whether one is saved early and is a “good kid,” or saved late from a life of turmoil and anguish. It’s always, always a struggle to abide in obedience to Christ; we must always fight to give up our flesh.
    I praise God for you and your Godly family, fighting the good fight together.

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  5. “A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is… A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in.” C.S.Lewis, Mere Christianity
    May you continue for many years to shine the Light into our blogosphere! 😊
    love and prayers,

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  6. Amen, Brenda! Helping our kids know and love Jesus is the most important goal of raising them. I pray for the wisdom to do that in a way that honors and pleases the Lord. Regarding the weather, it is 85 here in Florida today. Supposed to be 88 tomorrow. It is getting a little cooler, but still plenty warm down here. I miss the changing seasons, but the sunshine and warmth are definitely nice. Enjoy the beautiful day! God bless!

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