Hey friends, how are you today? Today… how are you doing?  I am doing fine, thank you for asking.   My sweetheart took me out for dinner last night, which certainly contributed toward a fabulous week.   The weather has been wonderful, even with the rain and temperatures have been in the 70°(s).  It has truly been a productive week because I was intentional about my time with the Lord and that is always profitable for me and for those around me, especially my family.


A few months ago, I wanted to reread the book of Acts.  I knew the human author of Acts was Luke and my commentary suggested that Acts acted like a part 2 of Luke.  So, I decided to begin my study with the book of Luke (wow…now why didn’t I just say that, sometimes I can be a bit convoluted!) Anyway, I digress, back to the point! I am just a few verses away from the completion of Luke and it has been exactly what my soul needed.  No matter how many times, I read the Bible, there will always be something new to learn.  I have said “wow” so many times already. I am looking forward to the book of Acts.  

When I was younger there were some conversations that I never had with my mom. Today I have found these conversations with our kids to be imperative and I suppose also inevitable. Someone will bring it up, and that person may not have my beliefs, so it might as well be me, right? The conversation about homosexuality and the Bible is certainly one we’ve had to have on several occasions, especially when the girls went to college. The Lord hates sin, but He absolutely loves the sinner.  Kindness, love, patience must be at the root of all conversations, when we tell others about the Lord.  Sin is not against us, but against a Holy and righteous God.  Only He can forgive sin.  On the other hand, may we as Christians not condone sin with the misguided belief that this is love.  True love leads people to Jesus Christ and toward forgiveness.  As the author of this book, Jackie Hill Perry was very insightful and according to our girls, they thought her writing was engaging and informative.  Next to the Bible, I recommend this book for the hard conversations about homosexuality.  


I recently found Nancy Ruegg of From The Inside Out.  Her blogs are always information, she usually begins with a story, or history or science lesson which she ties in with the Word of God.  Although I do not necessarily write short posts, I am thankful that hers are not as long as mine.  Check her out, you will not be disappointed.  

Cindy Dawson of Real Christian Women is another blogger whose posts I enjoy.  I do believe she is of the opinion “a verse a day, keeps sin at bay”. I made that up, but you get the drift.  She daily posts a verse that somehow is just what I needed.  


I decided to begin with my coffee mug because it is pretty.  It literally encourages one to drink something, anything from it. Our first born (Cleo) bought it for me.  It is double lined with the inner part shaped like a heart.  This mug is from a company called Sipsby. Amazon has one similar, it does have the heart shape too.  

Lately I have been on a glitter kick. In our household, we do our own nails, perhaps twice a week.  This nail polish from Sally Hansen has been the completion of all nail polish variations.  The design last longer because of the glitter, but it is a pain to remove (which I suppose makes it good).

I keep buying this lip moisturizer as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  This tin last a long time and it is inexpensive (win, win). Here’s the link.

Our girls introduced me to these cotton cloths which replaced our need for disposable cotton balls.  They claim it saves the environment; I say it saves us money (again win, win).  

This fiber thingy is called a Loofah sponge. Once again, the introduction to this was made by the girls. It can be a bit harsh initially, but it is certainly very effective in exfoliating the face.  


Well of course, there will be a pair of fabulous shoes, if I do say so, myself.  I am always late, I don’t know how it happens, but I’m always in a hurry to get somewhere. These shoes usually come to the rescue, just slip them on and go. Cute, comfy and fabulous.

I have spoken about these Swarovski bracelets before.  I now have five, need I say more? They are a wonderful conversation starter, especially among the kids and on they are on sale! They love the glitter, I love the glitter, we get on fabulously. 

Miscellaneous Favorites

Although I have not been running because my mom is here, I have been walking with her.  These Apple headphones have great sounds.  Well… I should say, I think it is wonderful, my husband does not agree.  I have had Believe for it by CeCe Winna’s and Lauren Daigle on repeat.  And when I say on repeat, I literally mean it.  

My friend Sonya Hines dropped her very first CD and it is good; I mean it is very, very good.  One of my favorite songs is Rainbow, which is the name of the CD.  Check her out, you will not be disappointed.  

How are you doing doing? Share with use few of your favorites.

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20 responses to “SEPTEMBER FAVORITES”

  1. Jackie Hill Perry has a wonderful ministry. As Christians we do need to have those tough conversations, we should not stay safe in our little Christian boxes. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Forwarding to a friend who follows Jesus in another country where LGBT was unheard of before the US Embassy there began to promote its agenda to “protect LGBT people from oppression and discrimination” which has never happened there. She is praying that she will represent the Lord well in His love for all people, but with His holiness in view as well. Thanx for a timely and wonderful recommendation for a book.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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