Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your week? I had a good week, thank you for asking.  Seemingly, spring is finally here to stay.  I love spring, I’m not sure I actually have a favorite seSo Imason, but I always look forward to spring, perhaps because winter usually outstays her welcome.  To me, spring signifies life, growth, new and renew.  Gradually the trees welcome their leaves, the birds birth their young and noise return to the kids in the neighborhood.  Slowly, but surely spring breathes color and beauty into what was once dead, dreary, and dull.  

Once upon a time, we too were once dead, dreary and dull.  Once upon a time, we lacked color and beauty in our lives.  Once upon a time we stuttered under the weight and the burden of all that we called life.  But then Christ came, and He brought with Him, the gift of salvation.  We accepted that gift and what was once dead began to live, what was once ashes became beautiful, color was brought to what was once dull and dreary and brown.  New life now belongs to those that accept that precious gift of salvation.  We now have color, beauty and life.  

How are you today? Have you accepted that gift of salvation? Have you checked out Tuesday’s Post TOO MUCH, TOO SOON?

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25 responses to “FINALLY… IT’S HERE”

  1. I love your flowering trees! I was thinking, yesterday, that my next post is going to be about the joy of spring. I love to stand under those flowering trees and just sniff and sniff and sniff!

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