Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Today, in my neck of the woods, the sun gives way to the thick clouds that have covered the skies. The meteorologist says the rains have come and gone, but the day feels like more rain is on the way.  Dark, gloomy, wet perfectly describes the day, a clam chowder kind of day, I think. Do you like clam chowder? I love clam chowder, best food on days like these.  Beauty exist in this day though, primarily because the Lord still sits on His throne and secondly because our temperature will rise to almost 70°, a perfect day.  

Can you believe this is the last week of April? We are almost at the end of four months into the year; only four months! Sometimes it feels like I’ve lived the whole year in just these four months.  How are you doing? Life throws us curve balls, does it not? What would life be without trials, troubles and tribulations? Could we actually call it life without these three T’s? Someone once said, there is rarely success without failure, yet must life be fraught with what seemingly appears to be constant testings? 

The truth is as Christians, we are indeed a privileged lot.  It’s not that we are exempted from life’s trials, troubles, tribulations and testings; nope, we are not exempted.  

As a matter of fact, we are told in advance, to expect trials, troubles, tribulations and testings.  What organization tells you in advance to expects troubles? Most promise the good life, do they not? Most promise health, wealth and fame and prosperity, and yes, we too can also claim these promises (perhaps not the fame) but in this life, we’ve been told to expect trials; be prepared for it; have a plan for it, because it is inevitable.  We are not exempted and perhaps we’ve even been called to greater trials and tribulations because we’ve been told how we are supposed to respond to these trials.  And that right there is the whole crux of the matter.  

It’s the response that at times, trip me up.  I can’t behave like everyone else, when I’ve been called to experience these trials, troubles, tribulations and testings.  I’ve been told ‘cast my cares’ and ‘do not worry’, when that’s my instinct.  I’ve been told to hope and trust when the troubles seems absolutely hopeless. I’ve been told to think of others also, to bear their burdens, to forgive.  I’ve been forbidden to hold a grudge, even when I think it is justified.  To love others, especially that one whose goal is to inflict pain of any and perhaps every kind.   I’d rather hate or be indifferent instead, but that cannot be my response.   Every instinct: every response that seems natural to me, I’ve been told to go against it.  And that dear friends is usually my greatest trial, trouble, tribulation and testing.   The actual trouble can be a piece of cake when compared to the manner I’m supposed to respond to it.  

Everyone goes through trials.  Every single person will have their cross to bear; the rich, the poor, the fat, the thin, the male or the female; no one is exempted, except the dead ones.  As long as there is life, there is trouble, was trouble, will be trouble.  We all will experience, physical, emotional, mental pain at one or two or three time(s) or another. Every. Single. Person.

Remember I said, we are a privileged lot, that’s because we are a privileged lot.   Whereas everyone out there go through their trials, troubles, tribulations by themselves or perhaps with friends or family; we, on the other hand, get to do life with the KING of kings and LORD of lords.  The God of the Universe gives us strength, peace, wisdom, courage to go through life.  In fact, He gives us exactly what we need, when we need it, all the time.  We call, He is there, in fact even when we do not call, He is still there.  He is always present in every situation. He provides the comfort, He gives more loves, He grants more grace and mercy.  Truly we are a privileged lot.  

Well today is a good day to start living like I believe that I have been ‘set apart’.  Today is the day, I choose to respond to life’s curve balls in a manner that reflects my beliefs.  Today says ‘keep my eyes fixated on the Lord’ because although I do not know when or what manner my trials may come, I know it is inevitable.  Today says have a plan, know that plan, familiarize myself with that plan, in other words spend time in the Word of God.  

How are you doing today? How was your week? Are you going through trials today? How can we pray for you? Before you leave, did you read IT’S A GOOD DAY? Also to find out what is going on, read LIFE HAS RETURNED

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25 responses to “TOO MUCH, TOO SOON”

  1. Ooh I love clam chowder! Sounds so good! I haven’t had any in a long while, but we did manage to go out to eat fried catfish for Saturday’s dinner though.😍 The weather here has been a little cloudy with showers here and there. It thundered last night. We caught a few sprinkles today, but was, overall, a beautiful day. Those three T’s are so hard to bear at times. And I have to remind myself often not to worry. Jesus’ shoulders can handle the full weight of our every trial. Thank goodness for that!

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  2. Count it all joy when we suffer,
    In this world you will have troubles but cheer up I have overcome the world.
    Just a few quotes from scripture out of the many that show how realistic our faith is. We are not promised everything will be rosy in this life but we are promised Jesus will always be with us and reward us in heaven.

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  3. So… Which kind of clam chowder are we talkin’?
    Is it spring, or is it just me? It feels like so much is going on, my head is spinning. I absolutely need my morning time with God to get my head straight (and, of course, looking to Him throughout the day).

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  4. It is always a good day when you start it with time in the Word, fellowship with the Holy Ghost, and praying for your loved ones. But then we get out of bed, and suddenly, it’s not such a good day when your loved one gives you grief, you boss gets on your case…again, or the weather is not to our liking. But that is when your teaching comes to bear. A 17 year old Lane Martin sent this to me several years ago: “Nothing happens TO a Christ-follower. Filtered by His love, it only happens FOR us.” 😉 So, yes, it IS a good day to start living like we were “set apart,” because we ARE!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  5. I really needed this today. I’m going through an issue where I’m needing to trust and hope against apparent hopelessness. Fear is trying to invade the space where God resides, but I continue fighting to focus on God. So thank you for your words today. 💕
    On a lighter note, I LOVE Clam Chowder. It was pretty much the only soup I would eat as a kid.

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