Hey friends, how are you today? Can you really believe that Christmas is less than three months away? I am flabbergasted.  I went grocery shopping over the weekend and saw Christmas paraphernalia on the shelves and literally stopped in amazement. “Good grief!”, I thought to myself, “why so early?”   Only then I realized, it’s not as early as I thought.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that it’s not time that’s necessarily moving at the speed of light, rather it’s me, that’s not moving at all.  Have you ever been stuck in traffic and it feels as if you’re moving, when in reality it’s the cars next to you that’s actually moving? I think that’s what time has done this year.  Time does as time does naturally; time kept moving, whereas, I’ve stood still, unfortunately. 

Do you know it’s really not possible for people to stand still? Just as growth occurs in some respects; people get better or worse. Very rarely does nature allow anything to remain the same with time.  As time marches on, so do people to their betterment or deterioration. Nothing stays the same, as we’ve all heard before; definitely a true statement.  

As Christians, we are thankful for this statement.  We praise the Lord, for this fact.  We are not the same people, we once were, before Christ.  Good words, aren’t they? For those of us, who grew up in the church, sometimes it seems as if our Christianity was an evolution. But the Lord uses time to cement our faith, does He not? It’s easy to ‘go with the flow’, as Christians, to do what everyone is doing around us, to adjust our lives to accommodate the masses, in this case, the other Christians, without necessarily seeking change.  After all, what about me needs to change? I haven’t done this and that and the other; I’m a good christian.  But it’s only possible to arrive to that conclusion when I compare myself to those around me.  Trust me, there will always be someone worse than you, when the standard isn’t the Word of God.  

Salvation isn’t an end, but rather it is the beginning of a journey that is filled with change and of course, every journey needs time.  As time marches on for those of us, good Christians, the Lord brings us to these crossroads, just as He brought Abraham and Adam and many others; that place in time of choice.

Abraham was told by the Lord to offer his son Issac as a sacrifice; one of his more successful crossroads.  With Adam; he was told not to eat of the fruit; but when he arrived at that crossroad of time, he lost. The Lord uses the progression of time to bring us to these crossroads, where we must make a choice.  For each of us, who proclaim to be Christians, that choice to choose, must be made, usually more than one time, simply because it’s easy to ‘go with the flow’.  And ‘going with the flow’ is hardly ever profitable for us.  Christianity takes thought and intentionality, which is impossible when we choose to ‘go with the flow’.  Although Christianity involves a collective people, growth and maturity is individualistic and personal and that requires time.  Unfortunately, change isn’t instant, but rather gradual and over a period of time, but if you’re like me, we like instant. 

Our Lord very rarely does instant, even our prayer requests, requires that we wait, because our God will not be hurried, much to my distress, which does not mean, that our Lord wastes time either.  That’s  our forte‘, balance isn’t in our DNA, we either overuse time or we waste it.  

As the year rapidly comes to an end, have we grown or has our faith deteriorated, during this progression of time? 2020 is a crossroad for most of us as Christians, and I think we’ve failed. We had a choice to make and most of us choose to make the wrong ones.  What’s the matter with us today? It’s not the pandemic, it’s not the BLM movement, it’s not the chaos of politics; it’s Christians not adhering to the standard found in the word of God. As Christians, we’ve decided it’s my way or the highway, that’s why confusion reigns today, the Bible isn’t our final authority.  For some, it’s because they don’t know the Bible for themselves, but for others, the progression of time has not been an asset.  We took our eyes off the Savior, and have made ourselves the standard, that everyone around us has to meet.

  Well, unfortunately for us, God did not abdicate His throne, thankfully. He remains Master of this Universe and He also remains faithful. Let’s go back to what we know to be true.  Let’s use the balance of this time, to remember that God is good, God is faithful, God is true, and we are not.  Let’s choose to be servants and not the Master, He does a pretty good job all on His own; let’s be the sheep not the Shepherd.  Remember ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’.  Let God be God.  And we do what we’ve called to do; be His light, be the example to a desperate and needy world.

How are you? How is your faith?

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46 responses to “DETERIORATING WITH TIME?”

  1. i totally agree. the new circumstances we are facing have truly changed our lifestyles, but we have to cope until we are out of this dark tunnel. thanks for sharing this inspiring post🤍

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! Your feedback or suggestions for improving my blog would be very much appreciated! have a wonderful day💗

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  2. Love the reminder that “the Lord very rarely does instant…“ He does tell us that he will complete the good work he began in Christ in us… But that isn’t in an instant is it? Thanks for this post! I’ll be going back to reread and to share with others.

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  3. Great message Brenda!! I’m thankful God is patient with us and works through teaching us to be patient…this year has been a tough one for sure. I pray that we as Christians wouldn’t give up and instead fully surrender to God and that others would come to know Him as Lord and Savior as well.
    Love what you said here:

    ‘But the Lord uses time to cement our faith’

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  4. “Christianity takes thought and intentionality, which is impossible when we choose to ‘go with the flow’.” – Such a true statement. We have to be intentional about our walk with God or we will go astray.

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  5. One thing that I’ve learned during this time is that if anyone is to blame for the problems in this country , it’s the worldly churches and pastors who quit teaching and preaching living according to the word every day , not just an hour on Sunday . But the reasons that happened must be examined , and they include pastors and leaders getting tempted by the things of this world . Preaching truth doesn’t always grow a church, but preaching the prosperity gospel and positive thinking does. I pray that the church will turn back and lead the country to repentance.

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  6. Thank you, Brenda. Praise God, as long as we are alive, it is never too late to refocus and get moving. Each of us is to be working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Lets keep praying for the church to mature, and keep encouraging others in their walk with the Lord.

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  7. Even if we’re sitting tight in one spot, we’re still spinning along with the rest of the Earth. We move or are moved.
    “What’s the matter with us today? It’s not the pandemic, it’s not the BLM movement, it’s not the chaos of politics; it’s Christians not adhering to the standard found in the word of God”
    You correctly provide the solution: “Let’s choose to be servants and not the Master.”
    Lord, please bless us with teachable spirits, hearts open to You, minds made up to obey and follow You.

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