Hey friends, how are you today? The chilly temperatures came to our neck of the woods and have decided to stay awhile; oh, the shivers! I’m not quite ready for these colder temperatures, summer was so beautiful and hot and sunny, and did I say, beautiful? While out yesterday, I actually saw people walking around in full winter gear, bringing the truth that winter is inevitable. Why is change necessary? Why can’t things stay the same?

Changes are unavoidable, is it not? Personally, I enjoy some changes; for example, I love the foliage changes fall brings, but not necessarily the cooler temperatures that come with it.  I love babies, but I did not appreciate the changes my body undertook to have those babies.  I do enjoy eventually appreciate the changes the Lord makes in my life as I walk this spiritual path with Him.  But you would have noticed I said eventually… because truthfully on most days, these changes require that I give up the things that bring me comfort and I like to be comfortable. 

But spiritual growth needs my discomfort because then I will move, then I will cry out, then I will look up.  Well… I suppose I might as well accept that change is coming, that most change will be uncomfortable, that change is for my good.  

Here I go then, adapting to my change. How about you? What changes have come your way in 2020? 

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38 responses to “I’M UNCOMFORTABLE”

  1. So thankful He never changes despite our needing to at times. He’s always reliable in the midst of our discomfort❤️
    Love what you said here:

    ‘But spiritual growth needs my discomfort because then I will move, then I will cry out, then I will look up.’

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  2. Love the pictures! When we lived in the Philippines I missed the changing seasons. There they had two seasons – wet and dry. Fall is so beautiful! What an artist God is A change I have had this past month is not one I wanted. My son has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and sadly his wife has left him. We live hundreds of miles away – and at our age not able to do much. So a sad change in our family and such worry for our son. But we know our God is bigger than Parkinson’s.

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  3. We are online at the same time. 😀 I love your look in that photo! I am so terrible at putting together an outfit. Can you please come shop for me! I’ve gained enough weight that my clothes don’t fit. 😥 Oh well, I’m trying not to be too vain about it. Anyway, I know God will give you and me the grace we need to deal with the changes he wants from us. Blessings to you!

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  4. You are so right. Key thought: “But spiritual growth needs my discomfort because then I will move, then I will cry out, then I will look up.”
    God changes us. We need change so we don’t stay the same. Stagnant is not good.

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