Hey friends, how are you today? I love early mornings, the quietness of the day, the antics of the squirrels as they scurry around for breakfast.  COVID-19 has added an additional layer to the quietness of the day with less cars on the street.  Schools are out causing a delay to the start of  the day for most people.  I love the quietness of early mornings, it’s my quiet time.  Sometimes, I just sit by my kitchen window and stare and breathe.  Too soon, my day will be filled with distractions, some necessary but most are not.  Because I like to be busy, I allow the distractions and sometimes, I forget about that quietness until later or the next day.  Then I begin again… 

Have you ever seen the movie, Fiddler on the Roof? I love that movie, needless to say, I’ve seen it more than twice.  Teyve and his family are Jews and although they are displaced, they live within a small Jewish community. He and his wife attempt to raise their five girls with Jewish customs.  Throughout the movie, Teyve talks to God about the happenings of life.  In one of my favorite scenes, he says to his wife, “do you love me?” Her response is quite funny.  Watch that movie if you’re able, I highly recommend. She reminds him of all the things she has done for him throughout their time together. These actions, as far as she is concerned, should have obviously demonstrated her love for him. 

I love a good romance novel, lately these have been part of my distractions.  If I’m quiet, find me with a romance novel. In most romance novels, the words ‘I love you’ must be said in order for love to be believed.  In spite of the actions of the male or female character, if the words are not said, the other is not sure of that love. 

In today’s very realistic world, do we need both? Do we need to hear the words and see the actions? Do we need to display both as well? Should those close to us, hear and see love? Should not the words be enough? Should not my actions tell you how much I love you, without necessarily saying the words? 

Scripture tells us our Lord did both; He tells us He loves us, and He never failed to demonstrate that love.  His actions clearly cemented His words.  Almost on the heels of every verse where we are told we are loved by the Lord; He goes on to say how He showed us that love.  Over and over again, He does this throughout the pages of scripture, words and actions go together.  

In today’s, world, we are prone to say the words, but most times the actions are a bit slow on the up-take.  For most, even the words are difficult to verbally express.  I remember the first time I told my husband (boyfriend at the time) I love him.  It felt like my tongue was glued to my palate, the words were seemingly being forced through my mouth.  At the time, it was easier to demonstrate my love, rather than say the words.  It took quite some time for me to comfortably say the words, after almost twenty-six years of marriage, it has become easier.  

As demonstrated throughout scripture, words and actions should go together.  Words without actions are useless and actions without words can be misunderstood.  In order to ensure that intent is carried out, the two should go hand in hand.  My words are believed through my actions.  There isn’t necessarily an order to love; words then actions or actions then words, but the two should always go together to avoid misconceptions.  The words without actions were never sufficient to be believed, so our Savior paid the ultimate price.  He did something unprecedented so His words would be believed, although He proved His love for mankind, countless times throughout scripture.  

Psalm 139 gives us a step by step order of our unique conception.  Before our parents had an inkling of our birth, our lives were already being formed by our Master. Our steps throughout life were fashioned and ordered by the Creator God.

The gospels provides us with details about the Sacrifice that was ultimately given to bring about restoration with our Heavenly Father.

Even after the Savior went away, He did not leave us with help.  A Comforter, a Helper was also given to help us navigate this journey as Christians.  

The Epistles supply us with growth actions; we told exactly what to do in order to draw closer to the Lord.  

We’ve been forgiven, we’ve been given and shown much grace and mercy; all to demonstrate the love of our Father. We’ve been told and we’ve been shown the love of God.  Now we are told to go and do likewise.  

Do you believe? Will you do likewise?

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21 responses to “DO LIKE HIM”

  1. Certainly we need both, but the emphasis, assumption, and implication are frequently that the actions are lacking and the words are trivial. Words without actions are trivial, but actions without words are questionable. What hurt or disdain or disrespect or manipulation are you promulgating by keeping silent about your love of someone. It does not have to be frequent or profuse but what is it screaming when you are silent. Thank you sister for the balanced, Christ-centered view of expressing love in words and actions.

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    • I love, love the way you expressed this, thank you, thank you. I could not say it better myself. That’s exactly what I wanted others to know, actions and words must walk hand in hand. God bless you, my friend


  2. Most people have their own love language. I don’t know how to say I love you but I’m the type that shows it through my actions and except you to know I do. I just love how you compared it with our Lord Jesus Christ. I think showing it and saying it should go hand in hand. Awesome post Brenda 😊

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  3. You make a good point about words and actions together. Children who never hear “I love you” from their parents oftentimes lack that absolute knowing. It is a joy to hear the words “I love you” from a loved one, a comfort to hedge in the loving actions.
    May we always believe God’s love. Not just believe in Him, but BELIEVE Him.

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